6 Fun Tips On How To Take Award Winning Selfies

The internet is inundated with all kinds of selfies and accompanying most of them is usually a duckface of sorts. Hopefully by now you know the meaning of the narcissist word selfie. C'm on! You are kidding right? 

There are selfies and there are Selfies with a capital S. Some selfies can win awards and get featured on popular photo sharing platforms. You can check Instagrams blog for #WHPselfportrait for inspirational examples. 

I love my selfies because they aren't selfie obvious. Here are some fantastic tips on how to capture a great self-portrait with your iPhone (and other smartphones) 😋. 

1. Upload a Timer Cam app

There are many timer camera apps on the AppStore which enable you to time your shots and enough time to work out your pose. You can choose between 5 -30 seconds depending on your readiness. This is an important photography app to have. Especially for selfie junkies.  


2. Prop Your Phone

Thats one of my secrets for getting a great selfie with my iPhone. Position the phone at either a low or high angle depending on what perspective you want against a sturdy object like a chair back, window sill, or books for good phone stability and clarity of shot. 


I took this shot with my phone propped against my desk phone. It gave great composition wouldnt you say?


3. Light Yourself

Natural light is great for selfies. Stand near a window during the early hours of the morning where the light is soft and not harsh or late afternoon daylight. This type of light will soften your features and skin whilst keeping shadows soft and muted. If you find yourself standing outside, stand with the sun behind you which will give you a great hair light technique, you will also save your face from major squinting. 


This is one of my favourite photos because of the morning light which lighted me partially and the shadows which made me more serious-looking ! 

4. Get Low, Get High, Get Creative

Position the phone at any great angle you want! Below waist level with some trees above you or off to the side showing only your profile. Get creative with how you position your phone and you will be amazed at the results! 


5. Accessorize

Ridiculous shaped hats, oversized sunglasses, scarves, facial masks, gigantic jewellery, bright coloured clothing are also a fun and free way you can add some oomph to your selfie! 

Read a book, hold a glass of wine, hold a camera or something interesting that can make you tell a story. 


6. Have Fun.

Relax your face, do funny faces or try new facial expressions from everyday life.  


Hope you find these tutorials fantastic and easy to try. :) 

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