MUST WATCH: GidiUp Season 2 Episode 1-3 (Review)

MUST WATCH: GidiUp Season 2 Episode 1-3 (Review)

Beautiful mansions, hot Nigerian stars, excellent filming techniques, high street fashion, flawless make-up and everything else is what is revealed in this trendy modern Nigerian drama TV series by NdaniTV. Director Jadesola Osiberu has brought to life the story of four hustling friends Obi (OC Ukeje) Eki (Titilope Sonuga) Tokunbo (Deyemi Okanlawon) , Yvonne ( Somkele Iyama),  and the one i would like to call the ‘killer’, Ghanaian lingo for bad guy; Folarin (Daniel Effiong) as they go through  the realms of life issues in Lagos. 

Although a late fan of the series, I must say I was nevertheless impressed with the excellent filming and photography. Always the Hollywood buff with a partial of quality movies from scripting, acting, music etc, I found myself latching on to the story to see what the popular TV series had to offer. 


Season 2 

Episode 1

To TechServe

Season 2 starts off with a star-studded flourish and the entwining story of Tokunbo’s success with TechServe whilst Obi still struggles with his financial issues. Will Yvonne learn her lesson and break of her relationship with her sugardaddy Chief or the pull of money will keep her bound in adultery. Photography and lighting is much improved from Season 1 which saw a few scenes change lighting too noticeably. (or was it my macbook?) The acting is more fine-tuned in the new season in my humble opinion with well scripted lines. The costuming and make-up blended well with the modern glamour setting of the series but it would be good to see Obi or Yvonne decked out in some African print wear too. The filming techniques once again improves with excellent backlighting scenes when Yvonne visits Folarin in jail and her uncomfortable interrogation with the Director of police.The first episode ends with Obi, Mr. Fine Boy’s nightmare coming to life with the music in such perfect high synchronisation with the attack.  Every scene comes with a good selection of Nigerian afropop blending in. 

Episode 2

Bad Decisions

A good samaritan sends Obi to a hospital which sees his friends and boss by his bedside whilst each one deals with their own personal issues. Everyone makes bad decisions once or twice in their lives and live to regret later and Yvonne whilst living in the pit of regret has to decide on what to do with her fashion line which Chief helped her financially to build. Will lunch with Mommy resolve the broken relationship Tokunbo has with his Dad for choosing the career path he was currently on?  Obi spends episode 2 chilling in the hospital bed but the question of the moment is will he pull through?  

Spoof: Yvonne enters the toilet and walks out without flushing it. chai!


Episode 3 - Its Folarin again!

An engagement party sees Yvonne facing her ‘former’ sugar daddy lover and attacker all at once and strikes up a meet-cute with the groom Emeka. I could already see the future where Emeka and Yvonne are concerned. Folarin out of jail? What? How? When? This character is as annoying as fruit fly and his role gradually evolves into something more sinister than just a PA pimp. What is wrong with Eki? Is she preggie or her quiet tumble in the hay with Tokunbo has led to something more contagious? Watch and find out! 


Look out for the next review of Episode 4-5 in the next coming days. Ghana, this is a TV series to keep your eye on if it isn't yet locked on. I hope our Kumawood directors are paying attention. 

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