Marriage Proposals: 4 Great Places In Ghana For Popping The Question!

Are you thinking of proposing to your girlfriend? Mustered up the courage to pop THE QUESTION after a wonderful dating and courtship time together? Proposing to your girlfriend should be a special moment because it will be one she will be bragging to her friends for a long time to come, even your children will hear about it. So it has to be a special moment. But actually most friends I spoke to said their husbands never proposed to them. It was automatic for the two to start discussing marriage plans after being together for awhile. I find that odd and a bit boring. Sorry. I guess the romantic in me wants a full time, down on one knee proposal maybe on top of the Eiffel Tower! :D *Wink wink*

  Ghana has some unique places for entertainment, food corners, beach resorts, bars and bistros. But sometimes, some of these places arent really ideal to pop the question. Depending on where you want to say 'Will you..?' you must decide on what makes you comfortable or perhaps choose the first place you had your very first date.  Here are some great ideas and places in Ghana to hear your woman say 'I will' (fingers crossed)

  1. Legon Botannicals Garden

This is one of my favorite places to shoot pre-wedding portraits thanks to the awesome greenery and lakeside which adds great ambience. The garden is huge and private and for an entrance fee for GHC5-10 cedis, the two of you can have your private moment together. You could also arrange a picnic basket beforehand incase your nerves arent able to muster up till after lunch time. Why not book a professional photographer to shoot the proposal from a distance with a very good zoom lens? The surprise on her face will be precious and timeless!


2. Aburi Mountains

Picture this. You take a slow long drive up the Aburi Mountains (after rush hour) up to the end of the boundaries. The two of you get out to admire the lights of the city spread out and as she gazes out, you hold out the ring in your hand, blocking out the view. It will take her a while to focus and when she does... *woot!


3. La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

Behind this hotel a little after the Ghanaian Village restaurant on the far left (sort of) there is a row of palm trees where the two of you can go on a little stroll whilst enjoying the Labadi sea breeze. In the midst of the stroll, you can start singing her favorite song, forget that your voice isnt great, and as you watch her laugh hysterically at your attempt, you pop out the ring. She will either continue laughing, scream loudly or fall silent with her mouth open. Classic!


4. Le Must

If the two of you have adventurous palates, why not have a special dinner out at this cozy French restaurant in Labone? The ambiance is warm and lighting is low to create a romantic atmosphere for any proposal. I love the stone walls and cute artificial fireplace as well. The service there is pretty good and you can easily see one of the waiters to serve the ring on the side of your Creme Brulee. They are nice like that. For safety sake, dont let it be inserted within the food, incase she chokes on it. That would not go down well. No pun intended.


There are so many other places, you can choose to pop the question, just find creative ways to do it. And good luck! 

I would be glad if you share how you popped your question to your wife for some of us to learn. :) Is it necessary to pop the question even when both of you know what the future is going to be like? Is this a western culture we have adapted over the years like everything else? Share this post to your single friends. :)




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Photos: JoyFm Bridal Fair 2014

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