Lessons From Dad- A curation of valuable lessons from Our Fathers.

Lessons From Dad- A curation of valuable lessons from Our Fathers.


This post is way overdue. I dont blame anyone but myself. Thanks to the defeat at the hands of the USA team, I was too desolate and distressed to post anything after Father's Day.

To celebrate Father's Day this year so that Fathers do not feel left out, i decided to curate  valuable Dad lessons learnt from readers and bloggers in my blogoshpere. Up till now I have only 3. Had this been a Mother's Day post, i would have received an overwhelming response. Come on people!

Here are some inspirational quotes from some of my favorite bloggers and friends.


You can become anything you want to be, as long as you are willing to work for it. Always Respect Women and take responsibility for any action that you take. - Edem Kumodzi (


My dad does not believe in special days, like Father’s Day,  as a matter of fact he taught me to be critical and analyze everything! He also taught me the joy of music, politics and garden work. He is a very emotional man who always cries at the end of rom-coms and understands when I just need a hug! - Kajsaha (


 As a young lad, I would usually wake up to the sounds of the BBC being aired from a box somewhere in the corner of the  sitting room. By age eight I knew almost all the BBC presenters who presented at dawn. He motivated and inspired me with his dedicated commitment to his job whilst also fulfilling his entrepreneurial dream. He woke up as early as 3am and slept as late as midnight so so he could work on all the business he had and serve his employer as well and this has stuck in my mind till today.

In terms of relationships, I was surprised when I saw no matter how much he quarreled with my mum, he never refused to eat her food. "I may be angry with your mum, but not her food", he would jokingly add whenever we teased him about his love for his wife's food . - Edward Tagoe (

Edward and his Inspirational Dad!

Edward and his Inspirational Dad!

My Dad was an electrical engineer who left his job suddenly and started his construction business which has become very successful and  He keeps telling me that entrepreneurship is about persistent and belief. My Dad never made me feel like i could not achieve anything in my life , I would help him with  plugging in sockets and i never felt like because of my gender i could not achieve an aim. On entrepreneurship he has always  tells me this Persistence Persistence, learning and flexibility. He has inspired me to run my own business and is my top strategy go to guy. - Ethel Cofie (


Nana Yaw Sarpong sent me a touching poem written by his wife to celebrate his fatherhood and i just had to share...


Look to help others and give, not just receive. My dad is the probably that man who would give you the last Naira in his wallet. He supported kids of the less fortunate through college, helped set them up with jobs afterwards, financial support for their parents to start businesses....list goes on and on. The more you give to others, the better you can help yourself. Maybe that's why I ended up in Medicine. - Dr. Jeff (Medical Doctor)

And from me....

My Dad taught me how to fix and change things in the house; using a soldering iron, changing the lights in my room, changing the record player, knowing the various wires in an adapter and which went where. Most of my exposure to other international cuisine came about by the many visits to Indian and Chinese restaurants and encouraging me to try all kinds of foods. I was nurtured musically on jazz music, Beatles and Sam Cooke and his entrepreneurial spirit captured me at an early age. Because of my Dad, I am confident, because of him I have learnt valuable lessons on what marriage is not. Thank you Mr. Quartey! - Naa Oyoo Quartey

If you have come across this post, it would be great to share the lessons you learnt from your Dad or are still learning from him. :-)

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