#VGMA2014 You No Force Kwraa (Worst) Fashion Moments

#VGMA2014 You No Force Kwraa (Worst) Fashion Moments

I have always been intrigued by the choice of wear for most events in Ghana especially music awards, movie awards, musical concerts etc. I have seen some disastrous outfits which leave little to the imagination and raises a few eyebrows from onlookers. 

Sadly the fans and some guests arrived at the #VGMA2014 awards looking like they had to squeeze every fat into a smaller sized dress whilst some walked or attempted to walk in mountainous platforms which forced them to walk like drunken giraffes. I am being a bit sharp but what I saw yesterday just makes me wonder why someone would put themselves through the pain and discomfort in order to look 'fashionable'? And there was such a display of cellulite like it was for sale! 

Anyway, here are my awards for the You No Force Kwraa (Worst) Fashion Moments at the #VGMA2014. 

A pink bra in a cut-out gown isn't the way to go lady and whats up with the tail? Someone hold the tail! If you want to wear cut-out dresses, make sure you have the right lingerie to go with it like bra's for backless dresses. 

Something went wrong with the whole fabric kente ensemble. Not sure if it was meant to be a couture style but the thingy dangling between her legs is meant for?? Hair looks great though.

Lady in pink, in the centre. You, yes you! Sexy is your friend in the patterned dress not you. Get some tips from her.

The shoes looks better than anything else. Selfing at a time like this? 

Leather in Ghana? My guy.

This guy is going to be happy tonight! Is cleavage exposure a thing for some women to do at awards night? Leaving nothing to the imagination at all but she's having fun!

Lastly, this last photo carries the crown. I didn't take that photo by the way, if i had been there I would have given her a coat and asked her to turn her dress backwards.


Hopefully they will gain more inspiration from the Best Dressed List at the awards night. 

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