How To Maintain Your Wig Cap (keeping it in shape)

Wig caps. The trendy hairstyle for many African women looking to save time at the salon and money spent on weave-ons. 

I have a few wig caps myself after I realised how much time and money I could save on my hair life. But after my first three I was faced with a challenge; how on earth am I going to maintain the shape of the cap? O_o??? There was no way I was going to buy mannequin heads for wigs and display them in my room (storage lacking as well) because that would have looked really weird!  

To the men; don't be surprised to see hair hanging in different parts of her room...window, vanity table, wardrobe door, door handle, TV, etc.  



wigs on the window...wigs everywhere!

wigs on the window...wigs everywhere!


The thing about customized wig caps  (ones fixed specially onto a woman's head from scratch) is that after flaunting it for about two weeks, when you stash it for about a month to wear again you would realise it has shrunk slightly. 

So how can you maintain the shape of the wig without a painful session at the salon of tug-of-war at the salon? 

So at my last visit to Kukis Parlor, after the same tug-of-war on a wig cap I hadn't used in awhile, the hair stylist asked me if I didn't have the 'choobi' (doll) head. 

'No I don't,' came my painful reply at the incessant tugging.  

Here is the simple hair tip she gave;

--Old Newspapers. 

Now why didn't you think of that before? 

⚫️ Grab some old newspapers and stuff them one sheet at a time into the cap. 

  •   At least five sheets will do. 
  • Sit back and admire your handiwork and think of how environmental friendly this tip has been! Just saved our city from rising paper waste! 

 Oh and one last haircare tip....

  • Avoid applying all kinds of hair creams and pomades into your wigcaps. -_-  It should be nicely loose instead of heavy with oils.

How are you maintaining your wig caps? Share your secret in the very empty comments box below :-)



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