EasyTaxi; The App That Makes Booking A Taxi In Accra So Much Easier.

EasyTaxi; The App That Makes Booking A Taxi In Accra So Much Easier.

Getting a taxi in Accra can be sometimes tedious depending on which area you live in. It could be a long wait in front of your house spent looking left or right for an empty taxi or a rather long and dusty walk to the nearest main road. Remember when you would stop a taxi and give him your destination only for him to tell you, 'Massa, I beg traffic dey there so I no go go.' And he drives off with you fuming. With the arrival of EasyTaxi, an iOS and Android app those days are basically so yesterday. EasyTaxi is a globally recognised taxi booking service app in about 26 countries and 86 cities (and counting) and basically wants to make our lives easier using mobile technology. 


I decided to try it out on landing at the Kotoka Domestic Flights Arrivals Gate. I had earlier downloaded the app for iPhone and i quickly opened it and clicked Request a Taxi, within less than a minute i saw a strange number calling my line but then i assumed it was someone else. It turned out to be the taxi driver asking of my whereabouts. A bit taken aback, I somehow recovered and gave him my location and I told him I was going to Osu. This was around 4pm. I waited in the shade of the arrival hall and in about 15 minutes, the same driver called and i saw him waving at me from a distance after i had described what i was wearing. He came and collected my bags and we headed to his vehicle. I asked if his car was near and he pointed in the distance which i assumed was close by. I was wrong. He had parked in the Airport parking area, which means he had to pay the airport toll so whilst he did that I waited for him by his car which was a regular taxi. In my ignorance, I had assumed that EasyTaxi was actually branded taxi’s specially owned by the company. Normal and regular but then I guess it also depends on your luck and which driver you get. 

Strapped in and looking forward to a long rest at home, I then remembered I didn’t even know how much my fare was going to be.

He said, ’20 cedis’.

‘What? How? I spend 10 cedis from Nyaniba Estates to the Airport!, Massa che nor’

He said its negotiable. I then told him he should have told me this during my booking. He agreed and said he had forgotten. My mind frantically starts recollecting how much cash was left in my wallet. My bargaining skills ended at 15 cedis (exactly what I had too) as he had to recover the airport parking toll which had become my cost. Why don't i engage him in a chat to find out more about how the app works from the taxi drivers end. 

The Driver

He bought a Techno phone from EasyTaxi at 150 cedis (250cedis by installments) and the phone came with the app already installed. He has to buy mobile credit to be able to use the app (of course) and once he bundles his data, he is able to respond to taxi calls and call clients as well. Isaac (my driver) praised the service as he was able to save fuel by not roaming aimlessly and not finding customers as well understand how technology is changing our society.


And for the passenger experience?

The Passenger (Me)

I was really glad for the fact that I didnt have to hustle with the Airport taxi drivers who charge exorbitant fares. This service is also safe for the passenger as the driver is made to register with all the necessary documents with EasyTaxi hence making it easy for him to be tracked in the event of any mishaps. The app also has a mapping feature which shows you your location, as well as the name of the driver and his phone number. Its also safer to use especially when after a night of partying out, finding a taxi becomes a challenge. 


I would recommend a few suggestion to management of EasyTaxi: 

  1.  That EasyTaxi come to some form of arrangement with the Kotoka Airport authorities for a form of waiving or reduction of waiting fees for EasyTaxi drivers. This same concern was also expressed by the driver as most of the time, they have to bear the cost of the parking toll which I believe is actually hefty. 
  2. And also I had previously gotten a call from a young woman who was enquiring about my request for a taxi. She wanted to know if the driver had responded etc. Then she asked if this was my first time and I acquiesced and all she could say was ‘Hmm, ok. Thank you!’ It would be good if this aspect of the service is improved. 
  3. Is it possible for EasyTaxi to organise some form of awareness training for the drivers on Use of Mobile Phone Whilst Driving? The driver picked a personal call and spoke for about 3 minutes whilst trying to manoeuvre through traffic on the El-Wak road. Road safety awareness should be key for these drivers who decide to use this service. *mytwopence.
  4. It would also be great if there could be a sort of merge with foursquare or have a list of places to just pick as your destination especially if you are a tourist in Ghana. The driver would see the destination and take you right there. Did that make sense? :)  

To EasyTax; Thanks for bringing this service to Ghana to ensure our lives are a little bit less stressful. Great app, great service! 

EasyTaxi is available on 

Have you tried EasyTaxi before? I would love to know your experience so far. 

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