Who Wore What at the ICGC 30th Anniversary.

Who Wore What at the ICGC 30th Anniversary.

ICGC celebrated its 30th anniversary on the 26th of February, 2014. Hundreds of congregants gathered at the Accra Sports Stadium to give thanks to God for 30years of grace and favour through the disciplined, committed leadership of the General Overseer Dr. Mensa Otabil. 

I was honoured to witness this fantastic occasion and sitting at the last tier at the May 9th section of the stadium, I could sense the same feeling from the thousands of congregants. 

The church released a celebration cloth for its members to purchase at GHC 10 a yard and of course most people had either gone lengths to have their cloth sewn to the latest fashion. Come and see shadda! Ei!! People didn't joke kwraa!! Of course I was ready to capture the really cool styles and the *ahem* fashion fails. When I first saw the cloth, my mind started racing on how to have it sewn because of its busy pattern. I waited till 'last minute' got two yards and just went safe by sewing a long sleeve blouse (no photo :)) 

Here are some photos just incase you are wondering how to sew your next cloth to give you some inspiration. After all, we are to wear this throughout the year, abi? 

I just loved their outfits! Keeping it Simple!

These beautiful ICGC ladies kept it simple by combining chiffon blouses with the busy print. Looking lovely ladies. :) 

Combining the green and brown pattern with a plain brown Woodin fabric seemed to be a popular trend. It worked too.

The men's fashion was also catchy with lots of combinations with plain materials and other 'psychedelic' styles! 

MADAM!! Take it easy oh!

The bag is seriously clashing with the dress and shoes. A no-no. 

What do you think of the shoes? Although not appropriate for the event like most of the chale wote i saw around, its a good attempt. 

Very simple yet elegant style with emphasis on the green. Lovely dress.

Another idea would be to let the print be the minor fabric whilst a plain fabric takes over. 

White pearls on Orange fabric

This combination of abundant white pearls on the orange fabric made her look chic! 

Color blocked ICGC dress.

What is your impression of this colour-blocked dress. Its good she kept the style as a simple strapless dress. Anything else...disaster. 

I am not too sure about the finishing of the red section of this dress though. hehehe... but the combination is great though. 

Depending on which photo you are looking at, I would say the full length dress in the centre totally rocks. I don't know why this print wasn't available at my church. 

Gorgeous blue chiffon with the blue print 

Emmanuel Bekoe feeling all swag


This lady was well adorned in a matching hat which I am guessing she made herself. 

I heard some women were in outrageously short mini dresses sewn from the cloth. Well, I am most definite they weren't ICGC members, they bought the cloth and most probably looking for some men to grab. Yep. 

Hope you found some styles to give you inspiration for your next cloth. How did you find the anniversary service? I will share what I learnt from our general overseer during his sermon in another post (including an audio snippet of his sermon)

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