Who is a Woman of Inspiration- #IWD2014

 Women are breaking the glass ceiling in every country in previously male-dominated jobs and industries. On International Women's Day celebrated worldwide on the 8th of March, there was a lot of talk on radio about inspirational women from different spheres of life and their inspirational accomplishments. Sometimes, certain names ring consistently and repeatedly throughout and sometimes with great ease we can easily roll off our tongues when asked to mention a woman of great inspiration.

I went to the market that Saturday in what I would call a fantastic womanly feeling and I was really hoping I could video interview some of the market women about #WomensDay. Was I surprised that they knew nothing of the day? Yes and very disappointed. 31st December Women's Market indeed. Not one single District Assembly executive or DCE made any attempt to inform the women of this internationally celebrated day, but come election year and they would descend on them like flies to a mango. 

I then tweeted 

Every woman should be celebrated on Women's Day not just women in power, entertainment or sports celebrities, etc. The woman in the market who sells from dawn to dusk to pay her children's school fees must be celebrated. The waakye seller who fills our stomach with delicious waakye on #WaakyeWednesday in order to support her family must be celebrated.

I asked myself, so who is a woman of inspiration? Is it just what the world defines or does it have a personal meaning to every individual? Well, for me I believe a woman of inspiration is:

  • She who thinks of others before herself
  • She who wants the world to be blessed by what she does or says
  • She spends more time helping others (man or woman)
  • She is modest and honest
  • She balances home and work life without losing respect and love of her family
  • She doesn't think of her personal wealth but society's gain
  • In both her personal and work life, she is a STAR!
  • She is inspirational at home and in public not a two-faced woman.
  • She who doesn't allow fame or popularity to affect her personality
  • She is respectful of every human being of every race and from every background.
  • She who when she speaks; lives are changed and inspired for the greater good.
  • She sacrifices for her family and other peoples family.

Thats quite a list but I think it captures for me who a woman of inspiration is. It could be one or two on the list, doesn't have to be all.  What other characteristic would you say she bears? 

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