How To Style Twist Braids Into a Mohawk.

How To Style Twist Braids Into a Mohawk.

It was hot last week Sunday after church. It was one of those hot days where all you wanted to do was either have a chilled glass of coke (which I had sworn not to drink this year) and just chill beneath the swirling ceiling fan. I told myself after changing from my Sunday best that there was no way my twist braids was going to hang around my shoulders or have it anywhere on my skin.  I suddenly got a brainwave to pull all my braids up and do something crazy and new. I managed to pull it off really well that I just told myself that it was too good not to share. So here's how to style twist braids into a mohawk. Yeah, I love you too! :) Btw these braids are called 'To Be Continued'. What is that? They are braids which consist of two different colours with the coloured hair weave being used to 'continue' to the end. It can be yellow/gold/bronze/wine/red weave for braids which is used to continue from the darker weave to the end. I braided mine at Auntie Alice Braid Centre.

P.S- forgive the grainy photos. Bad lighting. :(



Bend head and pull all your hair forward from back to front. Everything. (its amazing how sometimes just when you think you have pulled everything forward, one single strand somehow remains hanging at the back!) 

Braids pulled forward

Step 2

Next start braiding a single braid from the back to front. Some people say they can't braid their own hair but can braid other peoples own. I can do my own but not others. Reality of life. :) 

Single braid from back


Step 3.

Keep braiding till you get to the tips. Hopefully your braids aren't that long. :)

Finally! Some progress..

Step 4. 

Roll braid to the back of head and tuck in the end with bobby pins. I used about 4 to keep it secure, wouldn't want to be walking in town and have it fall in my face. lol!

I am sure you can do a neater job. :) 

Woot! How do I look?

This style rocks with twist braids or the normal braid in threes. If you try one, please send me a link and let me check it out! 


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