So Many Reasons Why You Want to Hangout at This Place.

I never used to be a Smoothy drinker. Actually not everyone is a Smoothy drinker. I was doubtful how anyone could drink a smoothie and add a sandwich to top it off. I didn't get that. It was just too much of a mouthful of thick fruit mush and bread in one mouth for me. But one day I forgot my doubts and inhibitions and went to NourishLab Smoothy's to try one. I was hooked! Sandwiches and smoothies work really well together!

I have been going to NourishLab Smoothy's in Osu for about a year now not just for a Grapezilla smoothie but also for the ambience and free Wifi. :) Its also the best place to meet other creatives especially from


 who tend to have their hangouts at the long bench tabled area and in huddles at the shop front. Its currently  reigning as my favourite place to blog.

I was very excited when I heard there was going to be a new NourishLab Smoothy's at East Legon. I waited for months and finally its now open for its loyal customers within the areas. Unlike the branch in Osu, this has two levels with the first floor overlooking the Mensah Wood street and the broad windows let in lovely natural light perfect for any


or meetup. But of course there is WiFi!

Grapezilla and a MacBook Pro (BFF's)

 With its introduction of a salad bar, you can now make your own salad and choose whichever vinaigrette dressing your heart desires, that should help with your 2014 resolution to go eat more greens. :)

This new and exciting service is also available at the Osu branch. Salads and Smoothies are a healthy choice for the health-conscious Ghanaian.

Decisions decisions decisions

Me, being a stickler for good customer service, I must say it was pretty good and i hope it stays the same or becomes better over time.

Super-friendly staff

With its focus on natural and healthy foods, its always a delight to see the range of foodies available.

Looking for the new branch of Smoothy's? Its located in the same mall as the Hi-Sense shop,  Mensah Wood Road in East Legon. Below is the mapping for HiSense location as Smoothy's East Legon is yet to be mapped ( I might as well try that and see)

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