Here is How You Can Nominate Ganyobi Naa's Blog for the #BlogCamp14 Social Media Awards!

Here is How You Can Nominate Ganyobi Naa's Blog for the #BlogCamp14 Social Media Awards!

It's been 2 years since I started blogging. 98 ( plus this one 99) posts; 119,194 views later; I must say its been quite an inspirational, neck-breaking (yet enjoyable) journey which I have trudged, hitched a few rides, stopped at a few vulcanizers and yet moved on not by my strength but by the encouragement of friends and strangers everywhere. Its not easy blogging, thats one key thing I let every newbie to blogging  understand. However, its a difficulty which can be overcome by a driven passion and desire to tell the world your story. I am always humbled when a reader sends me an inspirational mail to let me know how my blog posts always inspires them and gives a lot of invaluable information. You should see me blush! Then again, the thought that my words can actually bring about some #socialgood is very exceptional! That's what spurs me on.

Last year, I won

two awards at the Social Media Awards night

at the BlogCamp13 by


and once again BlogCamp14 is here! This year's categories have been remodeled and redefined to make the awards more challenging, i think! 

+Edward Amartey-Tagoe

  will fight with me on this, i am sure :) . Which category would I want to stand for? Let me be brazen enough to say 3! I will explain my reasons after I list the categories below: 

  • Best Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Male Blogger
  • Best Female Blogger
  • Best Organizational blog
  • Best Instagram account
  • Best Tumblr blog
  • Best Facebook Account
  • Best Twitter Account
  • Best Youtube Channel
  • Best Google+ Account
  • Best New Channel (Pintrest, Path, Keek, Vine)
  • Artist with Best social media
  • Public Official with best social media
  • Media House with Best social media presence
  •  Organization with best social media presence

My blog and I will like to stand for

Best Blog

Best Female Blogger


Best New Channel. Best New Channel 

refers to new #socialmedia channels like Pinterest and Path.

However, I would submit my Flipboard Mag You Think You

Fashion for the Best New Channel nomination, this magazine was selected by Flipboard as one of the best magazines they loved in 2013 on their Best of #MagsWeLove2013

list due to content relevance and frequency and also readership. How awesome is that? So please just write the name of the magazine in the empty field and add my beautiful Ga name as well. :) 

The nomination page is here

and it has guidelines on how to complete it. In case you didnt know my full name, its

Naa Oyoo Quartey :), just in case you are nominating me for Best Female Blogger ;) 

and my blog name is After nominations, public voting etc will open for everyone to choose who should win in what category. 

Hope sincerely to see you at #BlogCamp14! Keep Calm and Blog!

Add to Flipboard Magazine.

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