BBC's Komla Dumor, Dies at 41!

Komla Dumor has died. The brilliant ladder-rising newsreader at BBC died on 18/1/2014 Saturday morning of a cardiac arrest at the age of 41 in his London home.

I was at a social media meeting discussing how SM can bring about citizen action when I was interrupted by a loud shout by one of my listeners, 'Ao!' 'Why is someone dead?', asked another listener. 'Komla Dumor!' came the soft shocked whisper. The deafening silence was suddenly broken by everyone reaching for their tablets and smartphones. 

It was true as confirmed on BBC's Facebook Page and snippets of tweets. I found Wikipedia updated with the Ghanaian journalist's history and background and knew for certain how true it was. The nation is in a state of shock and dismay! Some talked about how he was just on TV yesterday. Death really doesn't announce it's presence. 

I will never forget his unique gravelly voice every time he came on air on the Super Morning Show and for 6 years the show was never one to be missed. His rise from GBC to JoyFm 99.7  and finally to BBC was meteoric!  He was detailed and focused on issues of Africa with an intent on raising awareness of social issues. His style of broadcasting was impeccable and easily recognizable. His move to BBC in 2006 made every Ghanaian proud and  was well received with congratulatory messages all around and it was a joy to see him host BBBC's Focus on Africa, BBC World News, Africa Business Report (which he launched) and The World Today; I felt so proud for him! Many journalists now strive to be where he is and I know for sure that now people would believe in starting out in Ghana and succeeding in International countries. What a loss to the media world and every life he touched during his time here. His legacy will echo in centuries to come. Sleep well Komla, I know you are resting in the arms of the Almighty God and He will keep you safe till we meet again! Wo Odjobann! 

Afee noko to his wife and 3 kids! Nyomo ji ny3kw3lo! 

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The World Remembers BBC's Finest Broadcast Journalist Komla Dumor. #RIPKomlaDumor

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