How To Transform Your Boring Work Blouse Into a One-of-a-Kind Outfit.

How boring is this blouse?

How do you feel when you walk into your office to find someone wearing the same blouse as you, I mean same blouse style and same colour! I don't know about you but I don't feel comfortable one bit! This especially happens when you shop at Primark or NewLook, you are bound to do a 'twins day' day with a work colleague or someone on the street. I like my clothing different from everyone else's so I decided to transform one blouse I had picked up at Primark just in case anyone else had bought the same blouse. You can also transform any old blouse with some little craft and sewing magic. So here's how to transform your work blouse into something very new and different.

What you need:

  • Silver or Gold studs / Cover buttons
  • Jewelry round nose/flat nose pliers 

I used gold studs which you can get for cheap at your nearest craft store or online at Amazon, or try Needletalk in Osu. Or try using african cover buttons to give it that African look. The studs are much easier hence my choice.

I chose the shoulder as the blouse was sleeveless and it being a chiffon blouse, I didn't have many options.

Arrange the studs either laterally or horizontally depending on the style of the blouse.

Studded Chiffon Blouse

The studs have prongs at the back making it really easy to just fix them on. Make sure they are well-aligned which gets trying due to the softness of the fabric.

Looking good isn't it? Well thats it actually. Very simple DIY. 

I told you it would be different! What do you think?

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