Here's Something New To Enjoy on a Sunday in Osu.

Ever since I discovered Republic Bar & Grill in Osu, I can't stop but like every new event/activity/recipe they come up with! Its either very different from whats going on at other hangouts or its just in its own class of retro-ness (made up word). I came across one of such events whilst going through their Facebook page and it caught my curiosity. Goodness of the World is all about experiencing different cuisines from around the world on a Sunday afternoon. Every Sunday there is a different chef from any country on the planet cooking up a national dish from their motherland. Different isn't it? So knowing me and how I love my food, I went by last Sunday which happened to be Louisiana Day. Food is ready usually from 3pm onwards, you can have a Kokroko whilst you wait.  😁. 

I had barely sat down when a group of New Orleanians started the electric slide dance, thanks to some awesome classic music streaming to the outside. Come and see me and my too-known as I had just learnt the whole dance some months back. It was good fun!  

The lean-forward and tap move for the electric slide.

The meal for the day was Cajun Mixed Seafood, and it was simple but delicious and filling!! I could barely breathe afterwards! I had fried corn bread (which looked sooooo much like bofrot or toogb33) with red beans sauce, onion rings, calamari and sole with potato salad. I washed it all down with a coke. 

Why not take a break from the usual Sunday Omo Tuo and try something exotic or different, give your palate a taste other than fufu and banku! :) So since its Sunday already, go ahead and pass by Republic Bar and Grill located next door to Duncan's in Osu, just behind the new Oxford Street Mall.

Google Map of Repbulic Bar & Grill
Google Map of Repbulic Bar & Grill

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