A Night of Highlife Music & Dance at the MOGO2013.

CitiFM 97.3 did all proud with an awesome highlife music extravaganza as they have always done on Farmers Day (7/12) at the MOGO Festival (Music Of Ghanaian Origin). I must confess that this is the first time I have attended a highlife musical concert. Like ever. I wasn't disappointed either although I was busy taking photos and live-tweeting for the organisers #MOGO2013. Since its inception in December 2004, CitiFM have brought era after era of highlife musicians unto one stage and cleverly combine past highlife musicians and current ones so that both young and old can enjoy simultaneously.

I wasn't very sure of what to wear to a MOGO concert, should I go renegade, very formal, casual or smart casual with our local fabric hinting around my edges? Later on i was glad I didn't go overkill. Most of the guests were pretty much laid-back in their choice of fashion for the event. It definitely wasn't a cropped-top (show-your-stomach), show your bare-back, see-my-cleavage type of event. Congratulations to CitiFM for sustaining this concert and bringing us good memories the golden highlife hits from the past to the present. 

The event was well-organised, the live band (Ohia B3 Y3 Ya Band) was excellent and patronage as usual was very high! I would like to suggest to the organisers to perhaps offer space for rent to Ghanaian Handicraft & Fashion vendors to display & sell their products. Just a thought. 

Traditional drummers & singers welcome guests to the event.

The male dancer is fixated on something....

The opening performance was by INK.


Samuel Owusu at MOGO 2013

The VIP seats.

George Wereko Brobbey at MOGO20

KK Fosu best known for Adwen (Suu dwe suu dwe) and Sorry, had his own style during the event and didn't disappoint with his performance.

KK Fosu 

The first female performance was by Ewurama Badu and her time on stage was impeccable as she brought back memories of her classic hits  such as Me Dofo Adaadaa Me. Even in her 60's the lady could rock a crowd!

My first time seeing Sherifa Gunu on stage and i just had to marvel at her energy! Her dancers were also pretty amazing with some very interesting combination of dance and acrobatics!

Sherifa Gunu and dancers at MOGO2013

Kwaisey Pee 

Section of the crowd shaking it at MOGO2013.

Akweley Antwi looking radiant in her print dress!

Tarzan getting his groove on! 

 I became fascinated with the shoe fashion at the event at some point.

 Some ladies were having achy feet.. (never take off your shoes if you are in a VIP seat)

Okyeame Kwame's performance was pretty solid and i found his outfit pretty simple but on point!

Okyeame Kwame & Miss Vee

Men's African print shorts 

Okyeame Kwame called a lady from the crowd and she got the crowd wild as she sang along to one of his hits word for word! Nice. I was jealous small! :) 

The CEO of CitiFM, Samuel Attah-Mensah (Sammens) introduced the stations morning show team to its listeners and guests just before he and Tommy Annan-Forson presented the LifeTime Achievers Award. 

CitiFM's Morning Show Team

 Mr. Tommy Annan-Forson presented the LifeTime Achievers Award to Mr. George Darko one of Ghana's best highlife musician who is best known for hits such as Ako Te Brofo (Even Parrots Speak /Understand English) back in the 1980's.

Mr. Tommy Annan-Forson reading the LTA Award

George Darko receiving the LifeTime Achievers Award at the MOGO 2013.

He was grateful for the award which he dedicated to his wife and to Jesus Christ for how far he has come with this music.

Mr. George Darko expressing his appreciation. 

He performed his hit Ako Te Brofo to the delight of the audience.

 Ghana's best female gospel singers the lovely Tagoe sisters performed many of their local gospel hits from the 80's to 90's.

Kwabena Kwabena also came on stage to the delight of many of the Ghana ladies :).

Sammens and BestMan (a loyal listener)

Sammens awarded one of the stations most loyal listener with a return ticket to South Africa, you should have seen the guy! Ecstasy is not even enough to describe his emotions as you can see from the photo below. lol! 

It was a fun night, mixed with good music, humour and dance. About the venue, I think National


 Theatre should improve on the ventilation in the building as well as their washroom facilities! Come on guys! Either that or CitiFM should think of a new venue next year, maybe have an open air stage performance. My opinion. :) By the way, what happened to the Ga Highlife musicians? There wasn't even one Ga Highlife musician and I was really struggling trying to sing-along to some of the songs lol! Smh!  Cheers to all Ghanaian highlife musicians past and present! #morevim! 

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