Simple Reasons To De-BlackList Ghana: To-do List for PayPal

I have created a simple checklist for PayPal to act on as to why they should de-blacklist Ghana and to help the millions of shoppers having a PayPal account to have access to my online African craft shop

✓ There is a growing number of businesses in Ghana going online and that means more profit for us. 

✓ It makes excellent business sense, so why shouldn't we?

✓ VISA and MASTERCARD are in Ghana, what are we waiting for?

✓ There really are legitimate online entrepreneurs in Ghana! omg!

✓ We will be supporting SME's like RootsbyNaa who can finally have shoppers in South Africa buy her products! 

✓ It will really make us look good!

✓ Our enemies will be ashamed after all the name calling

✓ Who blacklisted Ghana at all? Find and Fire that person by COB 8/11/13 12pm!

✓ Investigate how VISA is managing to secure transactions safely and copy their style improve on that.

✓ It will be very good PR!

✓ Has the culprit been found yet?

This blogpost is a campaign to have Ghana de-blacklisted from PayPal to enable shoppers and sellers in Ghana transact business online safely and cost-effectively. You can sign the petition for this cause here and also follow the conversations using the hashtag #PayPal4Ghana

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