20 Best Looks From Ghana Fashion and Design Week 2013

A night of fashion brought new and old fashion designers in Ghana's fashion industry last night at the  Ghana Fashion and Design Week which took place at the plush Movenpick Hotel in Accra. I missed last years event but my experience last night made me regret missing out. 

So I made it to the 2nd day of The #GFDW to see various fashion items on display in one room and a catwalk in the other. It was an impressive display of items ranging from jeweled bib necklaces to African styled one piece clothing. 

Here are the best looks I caught from the catwalk to give you some fashion inspiration and to showcase the creative works of Ghanaian fashion designers. 

Cropped tops were a familiar sight on the walkway showing the large influence of the summer trend in Europe and the West. I had often wondered how soon cropped tops would or had the possibility of ever been worn in our society which decries the exposing of the stomach or navel.I guess it wasn't that far off. 

Wide leg pants flared and striped is so on. 

I wasn't too impressed with the organisation of the show. I spoke with design house Ameyo and they weren't impressed with the publicity for the show due to the low attendance. The selection of models could have been better too. I was taken aback by how long we had to wait for the next line to show up and the abruptness to the end of the show. One moment we are watching the departure of a line the next minute a bodiless voice tells us to go home and have a safe journey! Weird. Speaking to a few guests revealed that last years event was better with more style and trends. Well, here's to a better GFDW2014. 

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