13 Things You Need to Know About Anny Osabutey.

Anny Osabutey

There has never been a moment when i would listen to Weekend City Show on JoyFm and not laugh. The collaboration between Nii Ayi Tagoe and Anny Osabutey  is absolutely classic. The ability to turn serious political and social issues in this country into a form of satire is pure talent. I met Anny Osabutey during the last Blogging Ghana meeting. Well, he wasnt what i expected thats for sure. :) As if he couldnt talk! This couldnt be the same person! lol! Anyway, I interviewed him last weekend as part of my new personality interview series i will be including to my posts.

Anny Osabutey won the CNN African Journalist Award (Radio) 2012

(something i didnt even know...*hangs head in shame*) and here he shares some insight into his childhood, career and at the same time tries to get his head around my often crazy and cross-eyed questions.

1.What has been a defining moment for you?

Well, going back to school was a key moment in my life and being the first person in my family of 6 siblings to go to the University really had a major and positive impact on me. Career-wise,most people would think it was when i received the CNN award last year for Best African Journalist. No. i would say was when i heard my voice for the first time on radio during my time at University of Cape Coast. I was also doing some international writeups for RadioFrance and whenever i heard my name being mentioned as a contributor it gave me quite a rush. A seductive one. Hehehe :)

 2. If you were President of Ghana which laws would you implement?

People who steal money should be punished! Politicians and non-politicians who are corrupt in public office and who steal state money must be jailed and their assets frozen. Its absolutely not fair to cheat the ordinary citizen who struggles to make it whilst some just dip their hands into state money and squander it.

3. If you were offered a ministerial post (Min of Comm)

Being a minister isnt a big deal for me. I dont have to be a politician to make a difference in our society. My work on radio can also help solve social issues and bring corruptible people to justice so I believe I am doing my work for society and the nation already.

4. Favorite Place to Eat

Chop bar. There is one chop bar in Asylum down called

Bo Mi Raw

! Its a local bar, the food is cheap and pretty decent. i was attracted to it due to its unusual name. :) I usually eat Banku with some Okro and fish. i only eat fish...i cant stand pork, beef and other meats. A second favorite place is Connect (nearer to my office).

5. If you were to be a biscuit, which would you be?

Ayigbe biscuit. Its an old school biscuit which is very nice. You should try it some time. Hehehe..

6. Describe the economy of Ghana in one word.

Meatless. Bony. Dry. Leaking.The state money is leaking and being spent on political campaigns, girls, cars, etc. You know what Okomfuo Kwaadee said?




ma nkwan 


na Barima

br3 ma mba'

. (The chicken struggles because of the soup and men because of women) *wise words

 7. Describe how you can drop an egg on a tiled floor without cracking it

*thinking* I think i will hold it and lower the height of the drop closer to the floor and drop it very gently.

8. What was your Childhood like?

I was never good in English and if someone had told me i would become a journalist i would have disputed it, i was home-schooled for some time and only entered school after a certain age.I used to go fishing when i was 14 to about 17 years and i was a trotro mate for about 2-3 years plying the Agege and Mamprobi Tema Station route. I also sold bread when i was about 11 years. That was a challenging experience for me but which has toughened me. I remember when my brother first bought me a radio and i was so fascinated with the voices coming from it that i found a screwdriver and opened the back to check if there were human beings within it. I was a bit notorious but very curious as well. :) I used to admire Kwabena Yeboah and Chris Bickerton  (BBC Focus on Africa) alot and i had to push myself to read as much as i could. I would read anything from The Economist to novels just to improve my English.

9.What’s your greatest fear?

Hmmm....whatever i was scared of has happened already. :)

10. When you arent working?

I am an avid Gunner & Liverpool supporter and also of Accra Great Oly. (YIKES!) I visit my family in Prampram and also read alot in my spare time. i am currently reading Alastair Campbell.

(then he goes ahead to read a few lines to me from the Blair Years


11. What message will you give to upcoming Ghanaian journalists?

They should be themselves and learn as much as they can. They shouldnt stop trying to get the truth, and work hard at being a different journalist. Have a big heart to take criticisms and also have the b***s to dish out in equal measure. Journalism isnt easy. 

12. Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed/Gay...

Not married and not dating.

(Single ladieessss!!! He is available! See me in chambers!)

13. Tell us a Joke

Afari Gyan was sleeping one night when he started sleep talking, '...there is no presiding officer signature at the bottom of the pink sheet'

then his wife hits him, 'Kwadwo, den ade na wo y



Afari Gyan said, 'Yes Mr Addison.'

'Ah, me ne wo da dan mu,


na wo bo Addison!'

Kwadwo mumbles sleepily, 'Na me ka s



Addison na




mi no!'

(I beg its a joke ohhhh!!!)

Anny Osabutey is a Senior Broadcaster at MultiMedia Ghana. Having received a BA in English and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast in 2005 he worked as news editor for the Daily Express. In 2009 he became a senior writer with the Business & Financial Times and the Business Times, where he wrote film reviews, personality profiles and a daily column. In 2011 he joined Joyfm, where he remains to date as a broadcast journalist.Parallel to this, he has worked as a freelance reporter/fixer since 2007, making contributions to the BBC African Service, 5Live (Up All Night). He has also contributed to The Washington Post and the Swedish magazine Omvarldern, and contributed on the Arts for a number of online blogs

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