Prof. Fred Sai, the Grandfather of Maternal Health Celebrated & Honoured.

Why should a woman die whilst giving birth to a life she has borne for 9 months? Pregnancy isnt a disease which should cause the death of 4,000 women! Maternal mortality is outrageously high in Ghana and there are people like Professor Fred Sai who have been strong advocates of maternal and infant health to help reduce maternal and infant mortality. Also known as THE GRANDFATHER OF MATERNAL HEALTH, Professor Sai, M.P.H., Emeritus Member has over the past 50years contributed profoundly in gender and reproductive health and drawing attention to food and nutrition problems in Africa especially where women and children are concerned.

  The Maternal Health Channel  (MHC), a reproductive health media outlet hosted by Ivy Prosper and Nii Nortey Dua, yesterday Tuesday 2nd April, paid a tribute to Prof. Fred Sai in recognition of his contribution to Family Health, and his longstanding campaign to reduce the high incidence of maternal and infant deaths in Ghana. Locally and internationally, Prof Sai's work has been known to make big strides to reduce maternal mortality. Emefa Akosua Apeti, Ghana's Most Beautiful 2012 presented Prof.Sai with a certificate and a token of appreciation.

Emefa Apeti presenting certificate to Prof. Sai.

A special programme on Prof Sai was previewed at MHC and will be showing tomorrow on GTV, Thursday 4 April 2013 at 8pm and TV3 Friday 5 April 2013 at 8.30pm. 

In response to questions posed to Prof. Sai on why so many women were dying while pregnant & other pregnancy related complications he candidly explained how 20 to 30 per cent of all maternal deaths are caused by illegal abortions and that until this was tackled, many more women would die.

According to Prof. Sai, many women are discouraged from getting adequate medical assistance
when they are pregnant due to the unhelpful impositions of religious dogmas. Many women and girls who have to grapple with unwanted pregnancies often lose their lives to abortions conducted by backstreet quacks but with much compassion and support from family and society, safer ones could be done to save the mother's life. He emphasized and reminded all that abortion in Ghana was legal under certain conditions which religious leaders he said must also recognise.

Further information from the Professor revealed that, Ghana records a high number of unwanted pregnancies due to lack of seriousness about family planning both by people and the government. This can be reduced by intensifying family planning and educating the Ghanaian populace on the importance of spacing births and general reproductive health.

If you are a women's health advocate or you simply believe that no woman should lose their life during childbirth, stay tuned in to GTV and TV3 and listen to Prof. Sai as he talks more about this issue.

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