Sex Diary of a Lonely Housewife...the story continues

In moments and seconds of silence where an unexpected event occurs time has a strange and not so funny attitude of slowing down and freezing a look on ones face which could be interpreted as comical, blank, hungry, shocked or a state of mental confusion. The one on Ama's face just before mentally whispering to God was the*#£!*!?* one. An indescribable wave of looks passed across her face. Then composure.

He said the central a/c's had to be serviced every 3 months and if she wouldn't mind his presence. Mind? As nonchalantly as possible she shook her head. She turned to the butler and asked him to let her know when he was through. She turned to leave.

'On second thought, take my number Mr..'

' Smith. Ebo Smith'


Dear Diary,

It's been 20 years since I wrote. I know. I just felt I was getting too old to be pouring out my heart to you as I had friends to talk to and all that. I miss those days where my tears would stain your pages as i recounted my bitter experiences with one boyfriend or the other. Forgive me? Silent as ever, lol! But here I am 20 years married and no one to talk to! Ironic. Married and horny!! How? Well thanks to my busy world traveling husband I am left alone in a mansion to be intimate with my jewellery and gadgets. Its the worst feeling in the world. Anyway today, temptation came to my house. Attractive is not enough to describe him. Temptation is occupying the body of a man as dark as Idris Elba (remember that actor?) and a body that is between well muscled and soft. You know...the one which looks all soft and cuddly but firms up during some heavy lifting. His smile.…OMG!! I practically melted. Maybe it's just my raging hormones and insatiable hunger for some good … Yes I said I was married. But what kind of husband neglects his wife's sexual and intimate needs because of work? I don't remember the last time we cuddled and talked about what's going on in each others life. Every time it's one meeting or the other. The little time he gets too are spent at social events. Any sex in this marriage are usually the tired quickies and its over. Or maybe he's having an affair? The thought has crossed my mind but Nana wouldn't have time even for that mistress. This Ebo Smith has set my hormones raging and planning a takeover. The raw and naked thoughts I am having about this Ebo guy are so wrong! It's a sin isn't it? I know ooo!! The fact I am thinking about this guy is even a sin. Ok, I will wipe him out of mind. How? No worries. I have a plan.

Ama closed the dog-eared diary, locked the miniature padlock, stepped on the step ladder and she gently inserted the book behind two shoeboxes in the walk-in shoe closet which no one entered unless they had a death wish.

I love Nana and there is no way I will cheat on him. He loves me too.

So why isn't he there for you?

asked Inner Ama. He has work.

But you matter too.

Dear God, I will not sin. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. No weapon! she assured herself.

Her phone rang. Strange number.


It was him.

Could she please come down so he explains something to her. She saved the number without thinking.

Why was her heart betraying her? She descended down the marble stairs with her traitorous heart broadcasting to the world her hidden emotions.

She found him in the kitchen with his shirt off.

 His shirt is off. WHY IS HIS SHIRT OFF???

Even with a singlet on, to Ama his shirt was off. His arms! Oh God, look at his arms!!

I should ran away. Hide!

'Are you ok?'


'Sorry but you looked a bit strange for a second', he replied.

Be still my beating heart. I am fine she reassured him.

He informed her of a problem in the system and it looked like this was going to take awhile. He most probably would work on it again tomorrow. The mobile air condition units could substitute for now.

She asked if he would like to call his supervisor and inform him of the situation.

He smiled. 'This is my company which I started not too long ago'.

Oh! I see.

' I used to be a banker but I quit after 5 years due to the stress levels. I had to make time for other things'.

A girl? She idly wondered.

What concern is that of yours

, Inner Ama asked.


Dear Diary,

My plan failed. We started chatting about the effect of work on our lives when there is no balance. He said he almost had no life…work to home …work to home like a robot. Sometimes closing as late as 9pm and too tired to do any thing. Hmmm...Just like Ebo. His girlfriend couldn't handle it and left. Then it was secondary schools next. Very unprofessional! i know!!! I tried so hard to resist. Believe me. The sight of his singlet clad body almost got me salivating and I felt a strong urge to rip off the darn vest.

He is still downstairs. Packing up. Tomorrow he is here again. I am secretly thrilled but I shouldn't be. Shame on me. I saved his number.

Ama looked up from her writing as a Whatsapp message pinged on her phone. Trudy was saying hello. As she responded she idly went through her Whatsapp contacts and came across Ebo Smith.

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