Expecting a Brighter Future......the Ghanaian Votes

On the morning of December 7th I woke up with a jolt! Not because I wanted to be an early voter, but because I was eager to capture this all important event on social media ( meaning Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare). Four years ago, the radio and tv was all I could listen to during the voting process. Four years down the line, I am empowered with super social networking apps which have been used globally to broadcast to the world social issues, events, political uprisings and all happenings faster than traditional media. As a social evangelist I couldn't let thos opportunity slip by me. Just would like to share photos of election morning and other interesting activities that caught my eye. I tweeted a lot most times which nearly got me into trouble (tell you about it soon) I went round 4 polling stations in the Osu area mostly incase you are wondering where. My polling station in Nyaniba Estates was very orderly and verification of ID was problem free and I voted with great ease! The only thing is I now have an ugly indelible ink mark on my finger. You can also follow me on Instagram @ganyobinaa where I also photo shared the days activities. Look out for a video I made on the Ghanaian's thoughts about the voting process. Congrats to all political parties who have visions of a brighter future for Ghanaians! Congrats to the winning party and may all your promises to us be fulfilled in Jesus name! :) Best of Luck! 

Its 6am and voters are already waiting
Patient voters

Me in my social media cum voting wear
Queue got longer the second the ballot papers arrived at exactly 7am in my area.

My mommy :)

Residents of James Town patiently waiting to cast their ballot

So the trouble i got into earlier...one guy at my polling station tried to create a scene because he saw me taking pictures which i was using to tweet and he accused me of working for BBC and TV3. i just couldnt believe the dude! i left the scene. So much for information literacy. 

So far, we are still waiting for the EC to announce the results, whilst waiting i think it best for all us to be cautious in the way we express our sentiments. We should keep at the back of our minds that ultimately peace is all that we want and as such we should be tactful in our opinions regarding the conduct of the elections. :)

With all the technical issues and other challenges faced by voters and polling officials; Ghana is still peaceful!! Aren't we a democratic model for other African countries? BTW all photos and videos shot were done using an iPhone. 

UPDATE: President John Mahama won!

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