5 Key Things Women Find Attractive in a Man. (As told by a woman)

Guys are simple. They don't need to spend 6 hours in a salon ( like I did today ) ; they are saved from hours of deciding what to wear to a party and thankfully do not have to apply layers of foundation and eyeshadow to enhance their facial beauty. Lucky you! However to attract the opposite sex, as a guy simplicity is not enough as that alone in itself can be unattractive if certain ingredients are not added to make her smile in your direction.

Imagine you go out to meet your boys at The Rebublic bar and whilst sipping on their Harmattan cocktail, a vision walks in through the door! You can't believe your luck when one of your boys mention that she is his classmate and she comes over! Tongue-tied and cocktail sipping you just nod your head when introduced and almost slap yourself when she leaves 30 minutes later. What was wrong? What should you have done? Or was it the badly ironed shirt you wore over the 'I-badly-need-a-wash' jeans?

Irrespective of your height, weight, dental formula, hair abundance or lack of it, as a guy you can attract the opposite sex just as any other guy. Just to let you know that even some good looking guys are 'gnashers' when it comes to 'grabbing'. I believe a guy doesn't have to be extremely rich to get the ladies ( it's just for the money usually)

I find the following five things to be key in transforming yourself into an attractive guy.

Make an effort with your wardrobe / appearance

Without a single doubt the physical is what attracts first before the innermost part of him or her. Ask your Pastor. It's only God who sees the heart of a human being immediately and you aren't God. It makes sense to improve your physical appearance as much as possible. I am not saying go out and splurge on clothes or buy expensive designer wear. Just know how to combine your clothes at the same time not looking like a show boy. Don't copy fashion blindly if you are the type who is into trends. Velvet jacket? a no-no! This reminds me of the day I saw two Ghanaian guys wearing snow hats in ShopRite …right here in the sweltering city of Accra! Seriously?
Comb your Afro, keep your dreads/ braids neat, trim your mustache , keep your breath fresh ( try PK or Listerine) , trim your nails ( long and dirty nails are unsightly) launder your clothes at least twice a week, a nice cologne (not bought from a bend-down boutique in Tudu) can do wonders. If you are the sweaty kinda guy, it will be good to always carry extra handkerchiefs and an extra shirt to change into. It will be tough to get any woman to respond to you with a visibly large stained sweaty armpits showing through your shirt.
Keeping fit also is also a sign of health which most women find attractive ( myself included)
Anyway, every guy and their taste in women. If you like the sexy model always wearing sexy dresses, makeup and 6-inch stilettos then start saving towards nice clothes and a shaving kit. My favorite men's wear is a stark white shirt tucked into washed out blue jeans with a pair of brown loafers or just a white tee on blue jeans. Yum!! *grinning wickedly*

Make Laughter not Shyness

If you can make a girl laugh then 50 points for you. A good sense of humor or wittiness is an ice-breaker and also communicates to any woman that you are comfortable and confident in your skin. It tells her that you are fun and adventurous. You have an ability to laugh at yourself and with others which pulls people (women) to you. Don't stand in a dark corner checking out the action , mingle and smile to no one in particular. Guys in dark corners are seen as creeps and that's the last thing you want to be seen as. Shyness is seen as being secretive and being insecure. So who cares if your teeth is not perfectly arranged? Don't let that hold you back from smiling or having a laugh. Be confident and open but not too open on a first time encounter ( such as complaining about your last breakup)

Your intelligence is attractive!

Women are easily attracted to a guy who has expert knowledge in various topics such as food, culture, wine, travel and current events. Just be careful you don't get too tech geeky, showing off your abs or how you can roll your tongue and bore her bits. Trust me, women brag to their girls how smart their new hookup is.

Life is short…have fun!

So if you are lucky and she consents to your dating proposal ( you lucky dog!) then it will be good to keep your relationship exciting every now and then. I am not referring to sex, please oh! Take a trip outside to Aburi and have a picnic in the Aburi gardens; go to the beach and build sandcastles ; learn a new sport together to add some adventure to your lives. She will definitely be pulled to that side of you. Even if you the quiet kinda guy you can still suggest new things to do to make the relationship fresh and exciting.

Listen up!

Women love to talk. FACT. Women love guys who can listen whilst they go on about how horrible their bosses were at work or the really bad hair their stylist came up with. Listen attentively because she would ask a question to check whether you are following! 😁😳😂

I could go on and list other pointers such as Stability and Responsibilty, How you treat your mother ( not a mama's boy) , Reputation etc. I think this will suffice as they are common but often over-looked ways to make yourself attractive to women. Going to church and praying for a woman isn't enough, you have to improve on the physical to manifest the spiritual.

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