Sleep with me or nothing...

The year has ended too quickly! Or is it because i discovered the secret to getting busy and didnt realise how time was flying by with its cape flying in the wind?  Noone started this year and is still at the same place as at January. They have gotten new jobs, moved into a new house or got ejected from the old; gotten married or divorced after 2 years of marriage; gotten richer or poorer due to financial mismanagement; gotten elected into office or resigned due to fraud allegations, whatever it is life has moved on and we have moved with it. If you are still where you are since comment!

This new post has been on my mind for weeks now especially after reading a news article in one of the dailies about NYEP (National Youth Employment Program) male co-ordinators demanding sex from young women seeking jobs from the institution. Its a shame. Its a shame that some men are abusing their authority and using jobs as a bait for desperate women so as to satisfy their sexual pleasures. You either sleep with the boss or be jobless.

Sexual depravity is settling in our society quietly yet with enough force to make news headlines. Should a jobless woman sleep with a man who promises to give her a job? Should she allow desperation to push her to the brink of losing her integrity and honor? Our society is slowly undergoing a slightly pungent moral decay where sex is being used as a (should i say it? )..a weapon. A weapon which is drawn at the chest level of a woman/man who is either seeking a job or even a promotion at work. Sleep with me or forget it. I remember JoyFm aired a similar topic on one of their Friday shows whereby they investigated on why ladies of today would kowtow to sexual demands in their search for jobs. I listened with interest and sometimes with unnerving horror to both men who explained why they demanded such and to women who explained why they yielded. One guy when asked why he asked for such favors said, 'because i can. Whatsmore the ladies are desperate so i am taking advantage.' Depravity.
A young lady interviewed as to why she slept with one of these executives replied, 'i had no choice.' Shocking. The sad part of her story was, she didnt even get the job after he had had his way with her. Sad.

I dont believe desperation and pressure should let a young woman give her body away just because a total stranger/someones father/someone's husband promises to give them a job. Where is her integrity? Assuming that he does give her the job, do you think he is just going to end it there? That one night session is going to turn into a lifetime session of sexual bondage and fear. He will not stop demanding from you and often threaten with loss of the new job or even probably give you bad comments on your peformance appraisal. And then you get pregnant! Cha! Osheyy!!

Someone would probably say that i have not been in that position that's why i am saying what i am now. Well, thank God i have not found myself facing such a predicament. I know there are some girls also facing difficult situations such as no parental support and have no one to turn to for assistance, and as such would feel compelled to give in. Is this a justification? Below is a story of one lady who faced a similar situation and is questioning if its worth maintaining her integrity or to think of her stomach first.

"First I thought I wouldn’t. Now I am not so sure. Not that I have done it before. It’s just that I may do it given the choice. I am 26 years old, completed my first degree three years ago with second class honors. I am not that endowed aesthetically, I must admit. I am plain, may be pretty in my Sunday best, but definitely not the type of girl who gets the glances some girls attract when they walk past a group of young men. I am used to it and have never felt inferior because of that. Problem was when I completed national service in 2009 I thought I would be retained in the organization I labored for over and above what was required of me as a National Service Person. I did hours of unpaid overtime for my boss, performing tasks that were supposed to be performed by others. But when my national service ended I was told there was no job for me. I knew that was untrue because the vacancy I filled was still empty. There were whispers this beautiful girl who came in to see the boss every once in a while was earmarked for the job. Reason was she offered her body to him. I don’t believe in the rumors but I did catch them kissing when I walked in unannounced during one lunch break when I thought the office was empty, so well, what can I say. She did get land the job, I was out, unemployed. And still job hunting. Perhaps it’s because of my lack of good looks.  The rumor mill says she is rather sloppy at her job, the manager is no longer at his post, having been promoted to an even higher position in the organization. I have honor and dignity. But I also have a mouths to feed. I have three siblings I have to help my fishmonger mother to cater for. For a job I will probably give in to a man’s advances. Not that I mean it. Perhaps in my mind. But I am at the point when I will think about anything just so I won’t keep depending on my mum for a day longer than today".

What do you think she should do?
On the other side of the coin, some girls are unfortunately giving away their flat or curvaceous bodies freely in exchange for jobs and material things like Bold 5 to some innocent man sitting somewhere minding his own business. One my way home one night, i saw at the back of a taxi, 'USE WHAT YOU HAVE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT'. I didnt want to make assumptions. o_O I heard from a friend how some girls would write their phone numbers in their exam papers and slip their nude photos in between the sheets with a simple message, 'i will do anything you want, just pass me.' The examiner if male would face a great test indeed.

How about the men who face such situations from female top executives? Is it hard for them to say no or easier. Hmm..if it the young man is over-ambitious and has less morals it should be very easy to say yes i think. :) We often dont hear much of men in such situations and i wonder why. Why are theirs always hush hush? Meanwhile all these executives are regular church members at all the popular charismatic churches in the country! Smh.

We should not accept such acts as normal and the whistle must be blown on any man or woman who demands sexual favors in exchange for jobs or otherwise. Whether the man/woman is a pastor or bishop or CEO. We cannot allow our children to grow up in this society and come to accept this as a normal act.  Thats my opinion.

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