How to purchase items online (especially from my website)

Since i created my website from Google's free marketplace GetAfricaOnline, i realised i was getting more phone calls than online order purchases. Phone call are difficult as i wouldnt know which of the products you have chosen specifically. See..they are all unique :) . So today i have decided to help you with some screenshots on how to buy my African fabric accessories online as well as any other website you'd want to use for online purchasing. My heartfelt apologies for the poor images, jpegs do that a lot.

1. Go to my website

2. Click on Our Products to see the various products we have available.

3. If you see something you like, click on that particular product. So you like the way my flip-flops look, click on it.

4. Here comes my favorite part! Do you see the blue shopping cart next to the price (image above)? Yup, click it! Quick! Once you click it, you get this drop down menu where you have to click Place order. Hope you still with me.

hmm...this image is nicer!

5. The next step involves your details like email address, phone number and any additional comments you may want to add like your shoe size or preferred color for the flip flops etc. Or maybe you are allergic to red so only blue fabric :) . This is a very important step not to be missed or else i wont get your order :(

6. Now that you are ready, click the Place Order button.

7. Voila! There will be no financial transaction on this website. I will get a notification from Google on your order. Once this is completed i will call you or email you to make a deposit into a bank account and your delivery will be at your doorstep once this is completed.

How easy was that? Too easy! Most online business offering products and services are similar in fashion. Its all about finding the item you want and the shopping cart is your step to getting it.  Looking forward to your order.

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