How lives were transformed at the Woman2.1Summit 2012

 “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”
Coco Chanel, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman

I found the quote above whilst looking for something inspirational to start today’s blog post. The reason I chose this was because it summed up everything I heard during the Woman 2.1 Summit which took place last week Friday. It’s a simple quote yet can be expanded to fill a 300 page book reserved for quiet moments whilst seated on a park bench.

I am seriously challenged as to how to summarise everything the speakers said during this summit which was attended by hundreds of young women from various backgrounds. Why am I challenged? Well, because every piece of word spoken by these inspiring women was precious and I just wish I had taken a tape recorder to playback for you to understand my predicament. Everything I mentioned in my previous blog post about this event was all that and more. I was seriously inspired by Gloria Buckman Yankson on how she survived a tough journey through life to be where she is now as a Senior Partner at PlanIt Events. 

Gloria Buckman, Senior Partner PlanIt Events Gh.

It was an endless flow of knowledge flow from other speakers like Esi Yankah, CEO, Tigglz & Gigglz; Sandi Owusu, CEO, Diva Delicious; Charlene Osei-Baffour, Diamond Pillars Women’s Ministry, UK and many others.

Sandi Owusu

Uche Ofodile Chief Marketing Office, Vodafone Gh.

 I found myself agreeing with many of the inspirational speakers on the ways to motivate yourself to making it in life to addressing issues most women face in the Ghanaian society and business environment. 

I must say this was my maiden event in which I was attending as an official live blogger and most of the time I live blogged via Twitter whilst trying to capture some shots of the events.  I was also there with Sandister Tei, another official blogger who has also blogged about this event. Read hers here.

Sandister Tei

Organisers looking chic in their tees and African print wear. Good combo.

Exhibitors at the event

The participants asked varying questions ranging from how to succeed at the workplace, how to network, how to choose careers, etc. 

I found it encouraging that many young women had these pertinent questions on their minds and were bold to come out with them in their quest for answers. 

It was a successful event and one which I would very much like to be at next year, but this time as a speaker! J Good job @Woman21Summit

May I take this moment to also inspire any of the young women out there reading this post that, to succeed in this life is not just making piles of money and living lavishly. If you want to succeed you have to live a life of selflessness. You have to be able to ask yourself if you will able to be there when people need you to provide a service, a helping hand, an encouraging word or just even your presence. You have to remember that you are building treasures in heaven not on earth where the moths and armed robbers will steal and destroy. Ask yourself if your life is inspiring someone today. Do you want to remembered as ‘the lady with the black 4WD and customized licensed plate ‘OBAA 007’ or as the ‘lady who was a light in this world bringing hope to those around her?’  Think. 

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