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I am starting a new post activity with this post. I will be blogging about hangouts in Accra which i have been to and giving you my honest reviews on them so you can decide to check them out or avoid them altogether :).

Nightlife in Accra usually involves watching a movie at the mall, eating out at a restaurant, going to the pub for some drinks and if you are not too exhausted a final shakedown at a club. There are many hangouts to choose from with the more popular ones found in the Osu residential/business area. Osu is a residential area..i live there. Everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to hanging out; some people play pool, some want cheap drinks, some want a place with pork grill and drinks etc. Personally i just like a place where i can blog, have a drink, nibble on something tasty, listen to good music and get away with wearing my summer shorts. I found such a place.

So a few months back, i was arranging an Instagram meetup when a friend suggested The Republic as the meetup location. I hadn't heard of the place and i was not in the mood to go searching for a place by asking for directions. But then my sense of adventure and need for change kicked in and decided why not. The meetup was a flop but i was too busy being enthralled about this new bar and how unique it was. From the decor to the drinks to the menu, i was absolutely gobsmacked! Its nothing fancy mind you, but its uniqueness stands out enough to make you want to stay awhile and soak the place in.

I decided to find out more about this bar by speaking with Raja Owusu-Ansah who partners with his brother Kofi Owusu-Ansah in the management and ownership of the place. After the interview i finally understood so many things. The name Republic was chosen as a reminder of Ghana's independence and based on this concept the decor of the bar are reminiscent of Ghana in the 30's, 40's, 50's to 70's. Yep! Its a totally retro decorated bar from photos of Dr.Kwame Nkrumah tete a tete with JFK to Osibisa and Fela Anikulapo Kuti.


The Zombie man- Fela Kuti

Mr Mandela & Mr. Marley

Black & White framed photos of Ghana's history have been hung on the walls whilst vintage photo clippings from magazines, newspaper cut-outs, copies of real photos have also been pasted around the seating area.

Miss Ghana?

Ghana history framed

The whole bar celebrates Ghanaian food, music, art and beverages. I took my time to go through almost every photo. So much history! Not only that but simple but long-forgotten objects from the past have been mounted on high shelves as part of the decor (just look up when you enter the bar area), my favorite is the mini star bottles which i fondly remember having to buy whenever my Dad had visitors at home. 

Akasanoma radio (days when there was only Radio 1)

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bar opened just this July and was already enjoying huge crowds from Monday to Sunday.

The food is mostly finger food, fried yam/cassava with chicken wings or grilled pork to kelewele. The menu rhymes nicely with the retro decor. The drinks. I think its also their signature. You will not find drinks like Henessey or other imported drinks there (maybe a wine or two). They serve flavored cane juice in all kinds of flavors from banana to a mojito styled drink.


I think my favorite is the coconut one which comes a bit like Malibu but has chocolate sprinkles on top. Then there is cold draught beer drawn from the beer tap, and when i see it being poured it makes me thirsty. Too bad i dont like beer.

The music is an eclectic choice of  World Music to Afrobeats to smooth House. Afrobeats according to Raja is actually the main focus. One time i was there, Fela was being played and a music video of him during one of his concerts was showing on the wall. Very cool. I like their staff, they pay attention to the faces of their customers cos they always seem to remember me when i come there and they are friendly too.

Who hangs out at The Republic? I noticed that the crowd often ranged from the afrocentric fashionistas to bloggers to the expat community. You can decide to sit inside the bar and enjoy the a/c or sit outside in the cool evening air and enjoy your glass of beer. I think most people prefer outside. Its just a chilled place to hang, seriously. So events such as live highlife bands, spoken word, poetry festivals etc are are also organised at this bar (either outside or inside). I hear last week Ebo Taylor, a pioneer Ghanaian music composer and producer of the past 6 decades was there to play. I missed out. But there are more events such as the Ehalakasa poetry festival is coming up on the 25th October and its going to be a night of poetry and spoken word. According to Raja, more events are being scheduled for December and i am seriously placing a bet that The Republic is going to 'the place' to hangout during the Christmas festivities. Just let me warn you, its not easy getting up and leaving. Dont be surprised to find yourself still sitting there till 4am. You have been warned. You can follow the bar @TheRepublicGH to get the latest on events etc or you can like their Facebook page TheRepublicBar&Grill or call 0246314044 for bookings of the place etc. Its been mapped on Google maps here. If you are tired of the usual pubs and bars you hang out at, try The Republic and feel free to let me know your experience.

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