Its been a slow week for me and for some Ghanaians as we wait to bury the late President Atta Mills. Whilst the city is being clothed in mourning attire (red and black), drinking spots are stocking up on booze in preparation for the 3-day State burial (especially Friday). So Friday is a!
Are you interested in the story behind my blog title? I got this from a funny audio note on my WhatsApp some weeks ago. So this girl calls her boyfriend to cry about how her phone was stolen and hence the boy should buy her a new Blackberry phone costing about GHC1,000. His response? 'The person you are calling is out of coverage area!'
Is it true that the Ghanaian ladies have become more materialistic? Or has this been the case for ages past? My opinion? Its true. If you are a Ghanaian guy and cant afford to buy your girlfriend some ‘necessities’ you are in trouble. Necessities refer to mobile phone to be more specific a smartphone, kitchen equipment (microwaves, gas stoves, saucepans) a post-paid MTN account (no more credits you just get a monthly bill) jewellery, clothes shopping (not in Kantamanto). And you arent even married yet!
Why is there a rise in this lifestyle in the Ghanaian society? I can identify two factors; peer pressure & greed. In fact peer pressure is not something amongst children of school going age anymore, it continues to persist during college years and even in the workplace. During my days at the University of Ghana, I had 3 years of accommodation at the SSNIT hostel and within those years my eyes were ‘opened’ to the lifestyle of some University students. Herh! I could visit a friend in their room (a room occupied 4 students) and there would be two televisions and two refrigerators. Why? Because one person wanted to have the biggest TV or the other fridge was too small. Sometimes, they just don’t want to share. Women and their issues! Some students were lucky to come from well off homes and had personal cars. This however put pressure on some female students to get their ‘Sugar Daddies’ to buy them something with 4 wheels and air-con. Some of us took tro-tro till after school when we started using Mommy’s car small small…
Greed. Some women are never satisfied with what they have especially if they realise their co-worker or former classmate or her boyfriends ex has a better car, a cooler phone or is wearing the latest gladiators. We women are always competing with ourselves. I don’t know if it’s a Ghanaian thing but when a woman dresses up with all of her Brazilian hair and her Christie Brown outfit, trust me its not for you guys, no, its to get another woman to look at her and be envious!
 A friend told me about how a man decided to buy his wife a car after months of her taking taxi. She saw the car and said, ‘Oh! A VW Golf 4? Kmt!’ My friend argued that the man was more than capable to buy her a better car so the wife was right to be upset. Hmmm! What do you think?
I have heard stories of how some ladies would constantly reject a guys proposal until the day he upgrades her Nokia E7 with an iPhone4 and all of sudden he becomes her ‘One & Only’. I think with the constant change in technology and consumer tastes, some Ghanaian ladies are going to develop expensive tastes. Some years back, all a guy had to do was to buy a girl MTN credit and you would have made her week. That’s because then, credits were expensive! Guys you have my sympathy!
But should money be the reason to date a guy? Is it so important for the average Ghanaian man to have a car before you accept his proposal? Is it necessary to show off to your friends what your boyfriend bought you? Relationships should be well established on priceless values and not on material things.
My sista from Ghana, don’t scare off the men with your high demand for materialistic things. Its not bad to ask but ask wisely and consider his pocket! If you have a boyfriend/husband who is earning less than GHC2,500 why would you ask him for a Smartphone which costs about half of this salary? I beg, be content with what you have and one day he will earn more to buy you whatever you want.
Enjoy this joke:
Girl: Hello
Guy: My luv how r u doing?
Girl: Am fine
Guy: Will u be less busy by weekend to come to my house.
Girl: I'm sorry I can't make it becos I will be attending my Aunty's wedding & the next day is Easter Sunday.I am so occupied.
Guy: Ooh ok. Was just planning to take u out for shopping to surprise u with BB torch & the Brazilian hair You've been asking for.
Girl: I will be coming and I may even spend the weekend if u want my luv.
Guy: What about the wedding?
Girl: Which wedding? I was just joking.
Guy: Me too....:)

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