I was in the middle of lunch when i came upon a tweet by Samuel Obour on an Aircraft fuel tank incident  in Adentan, a suburb of Accra. I went into the link on his blog to read to my dismay how two fuel tanks fell from  a jet fighter, one landing on a building and the other in an open field. I found it interesting for  one of the police commanders to say there is no cause for alarm. His statement alone is enough cause for alarm. Aircraft fuel? As a safety practitioner i know that this fuel is highly dangerous and strict safety precautions must be taken in its storage, disposal and transportation.

So this brings two the number of Aviation incidents in the country within 3 months. This is a poor safety record which must not be taken lightly. Ghana's safety culture is seriously appalling and too reactive. We wait until an incident occurs and then all of a sudden it becomes a finger-pointing competition. A  N1 highway was built and completed this year and more than 10 road accidents have occurred on it so far this year. Each accident being more horrendous than the last. Is the Road and Highways ministry doing anything concrete to ensure the risk of road accidents are being reduced? I didn't find any statistics on road accidents on the site. No surprise there. But hey i found this article on a collaboration with the United Nations to combat road accidents. Really. UN?
Just last Saturday, a taxi whilst overspeeding on this same highway, tried to avoid a broken down truck and rather ended up veering unto the pedestrian pavement unto a worksite and spun 180 degrees for almost 2 minutes before coming to a stop. The female passenger was so shaken it took about 30minutes to get a word out of her.

Safety is seen a bother by many Ghanaians. Its a bother to wear seat belts. We shush anyone who tells us not to use the phone whilst driving. We laugh when someone falls down or trips. We just can't be bothered. Its not our fault. Safety awareness is very low here and until the appropriate leaders implement the appropriate safety procedures in our industries (Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services, etc) then we are all at risk.

Watch this safety video and understand how poor safety can lead to a life of misery.

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