5 Reasons why you don't have enough followers on Twitter.

Today I got 600 followers on Twitter. You are jealous *tongue stuck out* How did I get here? I fed the Twitter bird lots of bird feed, gave it a golden cage and constantly brushed its feathers to a glistening blue sheen. I am serious ah! 

In 2009,  I joined Twitter without knowing what the social media site could do or its purpose on the Internet. All I knew was that it was for more business-minded people and Facebook was for well…Facebook. So some tweeting years later, I found myself following people with similar interests as mine and I constantly oogled at people having 2000+ followers! How did they get people to believe in what they believed in? Google answered this for me.

Why aren’t you getting followers on Twitter? Do you always have to beg people to follow (ff) you back just because you followed (ff’ed) them? Or are you using Twitter as a jump-rope to chat from one convo to another? Do you have a clown grin on your face when you see 1 follow on your Interactions tab?

 You aren’t getting followers for the following 5 reasons….

1.   You aren’t hash tagging effectively- A lot of times I can read some peoples tweets and its just a one-liner that seems perfect for Facebook.  Some just seem like a personal relationship rant or a road rage explitif. If you really want to get followers, be more creative in in your rants and hash tag your rants more effectively.

 Don’t just tweet, ‘#arrrghhhh…this girl is annoying me’. Anyone searching Twitter using keywords or   hash tags will not search for ‘arrghhh or annoying’. Relationship Counsellors or Advisors or just persons looking for relationship tweets will use keywords like ‘issues, relationships, break-up, cheating, love, personal, commitment, affair, etc.’ 

So instead of the above example, Tweet something like this, ‘#Commitment is really an #issue in our #society. You choose to leave out the hash tag but choose keywords. Here is an info graphic on the use of hash tags in Twitter. 

2. You read and don’t share-  When you read an interesting article online, please share it. Add your comment on the article first and Tweet it, that way you personalize the tweet to show understanding or your viewpoint on the topic. When you share, twitter creates a link in your tweet which gives then lets someone know that they share similar interest with you on the topic. And guess what happens? They follow you!

      3. You don’t retweet- Retweeting is a like ‘Liking’ a comment or Page in Facebook. You RT someone's tweet as you share similar interests. When you RT someone’s tweet, another person who RT’s the same tweet can see the number of RT’s on the same tweet and they can decide to follow you as they sense an interest similarity. Or maybe its just your avatar they just like.

     4. You have an egg as your profile picture- I cant stand seeing an egg follow me! Get a cool avatar if you don’t want your face up on Twitter. Your profile picture says a lot about you, an egg doesn’t.

     5. You are not following but want to be followed- Follow and thou shalt be followed. That’s my Twitter mantra. Are you waiting to be followed? The fact that you have hash tagged TeamManU in your profile doesn’t mean you will start getting followers just like that. Find people with your interests, like myself J and follow them. Even if they don’t follow back, you will get a follow because that’s the way the world is. Give and it shall be given. Follow and thou shalt be followed. Simple

So now that you have my 5 reasons, I hope your tweeting habits will improve to get you more followers in the days to come. Tweet this post J for more followers! Hehehe.. 

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