Food. We can't do without it. Else we die. I don't know about you but I know I can't. Stangely, I missed lunch today, no, I am not fasting. I went to the office canteen and the look of the beef stroganoff had me retreating to the door. I love food but it's got to be tasty and look appetizing. Oh and i love to try new dishes, both foreign and local. So thanks to my adventurous taste buds, I have eaten at various continental restaurants in Accra and I thought to myself, 'why don't I recommend to my readers some pretty good restaurants in the city?' So, here I am 15,000ft on a flight back to Accra, tapping away. 

Hey, if this is your first time to Ghana or you are a local even, take some friends or the wife and enjoy something different. There are of course many multi-cultural restaurants in the city and I haven't eaten at them all, but the list i am giving is what I call 'The People's Choice'. (by the way, is there a word for 'people who read blogs' ? Just asking *shrugs and continues tapping*  So in no particular order..

1. SanToku - a brand new Japanese restaurant located at the Villagio Primavera luxury apartments in Airport residential area.  Food is good, ambiance is relaxed and a mix of multi-cultural customers at dinner tables. Cocktails are a bit pricey about Ghc25. The service there is a bit luke-warm but the manager tries to make his customers happy.   

2. Atlantic Lobster- I haven't eaten here before and not sure if I will be allowed to even enter. Did you hear about the racial comment passed by the owner? Anyway, I have heard two great reviews about the Italian food served by chef/owner and i had to add this place. One of the reviews was by my new Italian friend Luciano who swore it was just like home and the other by an Indian friend who is a chef in his own right. So you get where I am coming from? There is no menu, eat what the chef cooks! Great seafood from mussels, prawns, calamari to well-seasoned fish. As soon as you finish a dish another is placed before you!  Of course there is Pasta! What kind of question is that? This restaurant is in Osu, above a seafood shop owned by the chef, so you are guaranteed of a good source of supply. Price? GHC 50 and above for the whole meal!

3. Zion Thai Restaurant - Thai food rocks!! Zion is the cutest Thai restaurant with simple decor and great Thai food, situated in the curve of a road somewhere in Osu. The owner is friendly and would often check to see if you are gagging or savoring. The waiters unfortunately are a bit sullen. Why should you eat there? 2 reasons: have never eaten Thai before 2. The spice ingredients are grown right outside the entrance which makes your meal all the more palatable. First time I ate here I was surprised by the cost of my meal, I had spent less than GHC 25 on my entire meal. A definite must.

3. The Venue- located somewhere in East Legon (Adjirigano) is a quiet restaurant/lounge serving a mixture of Dutch and Italian dishes. And I will include here; the best pizza in town! My opinion anyway. A cozy place with a mix of international decor and a great bar. Service was quick and friendly especially the owner Tony. What I liked about the pizza was that it was really baked in a real traditional pizza oven not gas baked like most restaurants and the crust was thin placing taste focus on the toppings. Price-wise? It ain't cheap, good food doesn't come cheap.

4. Starbites
When someone often recommends a good eatery, I make it a point to try it out. That was the case with Starbites. The place was packed on arrival but luckily a nearby table emptied and we sat. I have to say that this was the first time a waitress had served me with a genuine smile and given great service. I ordered the chicken wings and fried yam whilst my friend opted for Pork and yam fries aka 'Bro Charles' or 'Joseph'. Spicy and very juicy, thats my verdict on the meats. Like pizza? Try the Chicken Supremo.

5. Toro Tapas- Ola! I was at Tapas a three weeks ago and apart from the tasteful decor and good service, the food was great. The meal was served in portions, a little here a little there. But by the time you are done with those little portions, you are stuffed. I loved the entrees and the prawns. Forgive me but I have totally forgotten the Spanish versions :-)

There are many other great restaurants in the city like Thai Island, Tandoor Indian, Regal Chinese (my favorite chinese in Accra) and Le Bouquet. Try any of them or if you already have i would love to hear your reviews!

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