When one is used to seeing the Google logo on their desktops and phone screens, an event like the Google+Hangout for Creative Minds , gives you an HDD taste on your tech tongue. So that’s how i felt today when i attended this event.

I was an early bird hoping to catch a few worms before the program started. Sadly, no worms but i got to paint on real canvas, so yay for me! As i looked through a pile of registeration tags, my eyes caught on some familiar names in the fashion and photography circles in Ghana. Hmm...this was going to be interesting. There was free WiFi (\0/) , that’s like free doughnuts on a Monday morning. Oh and there was a free photo shoot by RQV Studio

Finally the program started around 10ish. Estelle Akofio-Sowah , Google Ghana’s Country Manager basically gave a brief of todays event which apparently was to be for the whole day, ending with a fashion show later tonight (to go or not to go? *stroking chin*) and then we had the lovely Julia Chou  explain what Google+ was all about. Ok, let me confess before i continue...! I have had a Google+ account for about 3 months and i had no clue of what it was all about. Whew! Now that i got that off my chest...shall we continue?

First was Google Circles which is exactly what it is..Circles. This is where you create your own circles of family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, boring people, photographers or classmates. I was on my +page whilst she explained all these, so i could actually make my page more exciting than yesterday. So once you create your Circles you can share videos, photos, statuses, etc with whichever circle you want.

 Then on to the Google+ Hangout page where you actually get to video chat with your circles, watch YouTube videos together with whomever you please. But there is a limit of 9 people to hangout with. Just to avoid confusion.  I liked that very much. Just when we were getting a feel of the live hangout session, ECG had to go do their thing. Smh. The show went on anyhow.

Just before we went for a coffee break, Estelle announced that today happened to be World Poetry Day so to celebrate; there were some poets in the house to get poetical on us. I forgot two of the names who came to perform but remember Mamacita very well. The guys were good, very lyrical with a touch of humour laced in their stanzas.

During the coffee break, i physically met people belonging to my social media circle, such as Charlene Asare  and Akuchi. Who else was there..umm...oh yeah Steven Adusei, Rodney Quarcoo (of course), Mawuli Sikanku, Seton Nicholas, Ob Abenser, ShopaholicGh and many others.

So if you don’t have a Google+ account, better sign up NOW! Yeah, its a command. You have the power to control who sees what and how you share. More privacy i would say.

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