Why Do Married Men Cheat?

This blog is going raise a few eyebrows from both sexes. Lift them high J I write this for  the married women trying to understand what is going wrong in their marriage and would do anything to save it. I am not a marriage counselor but I don’t need to married to understand men and their needs. As a woman you have to understand the basic needs of a man which must be met and when not provided is sought elsewhere.  I will focus on various reasons which is my concrete belief on answering this question.

When I was in University of Ghana I witnessed some very interesting night activities either at my hostel or the main campus. Almost every night (Friday was Ana Jo y3 d3) I would see from the window of the 3rd floor young ladies getting into Jaguars, Mercedes Benz, 4WDs and whatever luxury model car you can think of and trust me it wasn’t  their ‘Daddy’s’ car ;) .  As she opens the car door, the interior car light comes on and a pot-belly would be seen beneath the steering wheel. Man! My flatmates and I would have a blast making jokes out of the night scene enfolding before us.

Why would a married man risk ruining his marriage for a campus girl who is half his age or the same age as his daughter? Sex is the first thing that comes to mind. Either they (married men) are not getting any back home or they are tired of the same ‘soup’ dished out to them. They have found something exciting that gets their blood boiling again reminding them of their youthful times. I ask myself does a married woman become complacent with sex in their marriage just because they have gotten what they wanted all along? That shouldn’t be the case. As a woman you should be aware of the importance of sex in your marriage. Even God said that as a woman you shouldn’t forget your marital duty, your body is no longer yours but your husband’s.

Learn new ways of making love to your husband. Make your love making nights exciting. Find out what excites him and play out his fantasy! Some men want to be dominated in bed whilst some want to play ‘Teacher and Student’. You are laughing! I am dead serious. How do I know this? I talk to men and I ask questions. I am preparing myself so that when I also get my man I will know how to surprise him and make him beg for more!

Surprise him at work with some lunch, send love messages to him during his stressful day at work and remind him what a ‘Superman’ he was last night. You make him feel good!  He will not look at another woman when he is getting this at home. I was at a wedding today and the Pastor told the bride, ‘Treat him like a King’! This applies to every aspect of the marriage not just food. Let him be content and he will not starve! Never starve your man of sex and think that you are ‘showing’ him, HE will SHOW you! 
Wear sexy lingerie even when you are dressed for work, send pictures during lunch time of peek-a-boo images of the lingerie. Am I getting too bold? Look, lets be real that is what gets a man hunting after you even when you are married! Thank him after love-making. You might think I am being ‘someway’ but seriously just show appreciation to him for making you feel good! If you don’t do it someone will do it and he will leave.

Get online if you need to find some sex tips. Here are a few from Cosmopolitan magazine

I will end here to continue on WHY MARRIED MEN CHEAT 2. Look out for it!

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Why do Married Men Cheat? Part 2