Spicy Chicken Sandwich Leftover Recipe To Take To Work To Reduce Food Waste.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Leftover Recipe To Take To Work To Reduce Food Waste.

That's a really long blog title 😅. Most mornings, I like to prepare breakfast and sometimes lunch for hubby to take to work. It not only saves us the cost of eating out but it’s also a healthier option as I get to give him all the greens to chew. 😂😂. He calls it chewing grass 😘🌱🌱😄

I mused on what to make as a quick brekkie yet with some well packed nutrients. I didn’t have any meats but I had some leftover greens which I had bought a week ago. Hey! I could make a chicken sandwich using last nights chicken stir-fry which had a few pieces of chicken left in the sauce. It was going to be so doable. YAASS!! 

Reusing leftovers are perfect ways to create new recipes and this was going to be just too chill. Psyched, I jumped out of bed to start preparations. I had bought lettuce from this very friendly roadside green grocer at Labone Junction about a week ago but they still looked quiet okay and not too limpy. Very usable. I love how fresh our new Samsung refrigerator keeps vegetables fresh. No lie. 😎There was no way I was going to throw out these greens.

I have been trying to reduce food waste in my home by reusing leftovers. Did you know any food you discard as a consumer adds to food waste? Ugh..huh. Yep. Let’s get to this, rite now!

Wash the lettuce in salt water and sprinkle vinegar on them to wake them up, slice tomatoes and onions in thick slices and grate mozzarella cheese on the side. If you don’t have cheese no sweat at all, you can skip it. 

 This was going to a simply delicious to the heavens kind of sandwich.

Preheat oven grill at Gas Mark 2

Chop up the chicken to make the sandwich less bulky.

Smother brown bread ( healthier than white) with Dijon mustard spread. You can easily find this on most supermarket shelves. Even in Makola.

Arrange the lettuce, tomatoes and onions as pretty as you can.

Sprinkle on chopped or shredded chicken on top of that. How generous do you want to be? 

Beautiful isn’t it? Almost done..

Add grated Mozarella on top of the chicken and pop the open yummy-looking sandwich into the heated grill.


Give it some 3-and-a-half minute for cheese to melt but not brown.

Take out.

See what I said? Beautiful. Gorgeous. Insanely Beautiful. Oh the colours! The melted cheese flirting with all that meat and vegetables 😍😍😍.

Wrap into an aluminum foil and straight into a Ziploc bag if you want to take this to work like my hubby.


If not, please do not hold back and eat immediately! This chicken sandwich which is a leftover recipe to reduce food waste is a fantastic way of reducing food waste in our home and the country at large. 

 Although I didn’t get my share, hubby graciously gave his verdict. But what I didn’t expect was that he couldn’t wait to get to work and literally finished it in traffic on his way to work! Who does that?

Here I was hoping he would enjoy this at his workplace to give his colleague green envy but nooo! 😂

Have you noticed how some foods actually taste better the next day? Think of Jollof, Kpokpoi (Homowo meal), etc. 

I was very happy to have reduced our food waste today. Coincidentally, I later got to realize that this Sunday coming was going to be World Food Day #WFD2016. This year’s theme will be focused on how the climate is changing and why the methods of food and agriculture must also change. 

What are you doing to reduce food waste in your home? Please do share in the comments below to save not only money but our planet. 




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