10 Fulani CornRow Braids Styles You Should Rock Now!

10 Fulani CornRow Braids Styles You Should Rock Now!

After some serious inspiration on Pinterest and also seeing my new South African friend Zuki in Fulani Braids I just had to get mine! Talk about hair envy 🙈. They looked so exotic and different from the usual all back cornrow braids we usually get done. I couldn't believe she got them done at the 37 hospital grounds. 

2017-09-07 12.52.39.jpg


But I wanted to read more about the braids and see what other styles there were online. Braids have been around for more than 30,000 years and the earliest discovery of braids was a figurine of a woman in braids is the Venus of Brassempouy which has been dated 25,000 years old. This was even discovered in France and I couldn't help but wonder who she really was. The figurine definitely and visibly shows a woman in braids. The style looks very much like braid bangs in a Rihanna bob cut. Don't you think?


Image Source: Wikipedia

The Fulani braids are the hottest cornrow braids in 2017 and if you haven't caught on it yet, get ready to be inspired by some pretty incredible styles. But first here's a little knowledge for your pocket about Fulani cornrow braids. Fulani women traditionally dress their braids in beads, coweries and coins. It's not uncommon to see both young Fulani men and women braid their hair.  

Fascinating how a person's braids is an identification of their social strata. The style of one's braids indicates their tribe, age, marital status, occupation, wealth, power, etc. It is also a form of communication in some tribes. The more complex the braids, the wealthier and higher up the social class you were. 

Traditional Fulani braids come in different patterns. There's some with middle partings and side braids to poufs at the forehead or five main splits with braids and interlockings of beads and coweries. A Fulani bride's hair is a whole world of colourful beads and adornments.

fulani hair

Here are the 2017 Fulani inspired braids and mine as well to get you some serious inspiration for your next salon trip. It's also a great protective hairstyle. 

It's pretty similar to getting a cornrow rasta hairstyle. The front part is usually the focal point and how you want it to look. A middle single braid with a single ring or bead interlocks the braid to lie on your forehead. Add a bit of color to the braids to be lit. 


Also the braid size can be medium or small-sized to create more dramatic styles like this. The length of the braids of course gives you a more versatile way to style. Why not grab some wooden or plastic beads to string at the ends to change up the look?

fulani braids.jpg
Fulani braids

A single braid can go across your forehead before the middle parting. Why not go buck crazy with cute cowries interlocking your braids.

fulani braids
fulani braids

Image source: Pinterest


Or you can keep your 'fro and get the frontal braids on. Just make sure you twist your fro to get the extra pouf in the morning.

fulani braids

This is how mine turned out. I was very happy with them and it took only 45 minutes for it get done. 

fulani braids
fulani braids

I can't wait to try another Fulani braid style 😎😜.

Which style was your favourite? Have you tried or even heard of Fulani braids before? Why not share your experience in the comments below 😘.

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