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See How Easily You Can Shop On Amazon From Ghana.

Gone are the days when I would spot a must-have item on Amazon and send the product link to my husband’s hotel address during one of his business trips. It was easier because Amazon didn’t have the Ship to Ghana option available for majority of it's products. But now that Ghana is listed on the international shipping list on Amazon Global , more products are accessible to international shoppers like myself.

A Guide Through 5 MarketPlaces In Accra

All the above mentioned markets are uniquely different in their own ways even though one can discover certain similarities between them; the clamour of buying and selling, human and vehicular traffic. Their differences however slight lies in food stuffs pricing, access to market, populace, product uniqueness and hygiene. Anytime you are in Accra check out the markets listed below as a buyer or curious tourist, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of water, beach hat and a face towel with a sprinkling of human patience.