How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Using Alata Samina

There are loads of posts on using baby shampoo, specifically made brush shampoos and anti-bacterial soaps and they all work in their own way. But I didn't have any of these to use but look and behold! I had Alata Samina from Fabulously Fit and Fine 😄. I received this from Jemila as a wedding gift and it's not only mild but has a heavenly goji berry scent 😍. 

Sex Diary of A Lonely Housewife. Final Part

Her moaning was deep and animalistic almost like a growling as his hands stroked places on her body she'd never imagined of having such thrilling effects. Her long legs wound across his muscled taut back as he bent over her body whilst laying teasing butterfly kisses on her navel and stomach. Her hands clutched the sheets with such intensity, her body throbbed with excitement and expectancy as she felt him against her furnace of desire. Oh my! Oh yes!!! She screamed silently in her head. His hands molded and massaged her skin sending fresh desire through her like the rush of an open dam. 

Sex Diary of A Lonely Housewife. Part 2

In moments and seconds of silence where an unexpected event occurs time has a strange and not so funny attitude of slowing down and freezing a look on ones face which could be interpreted as comical, blank, hungry, shocked or a state of mental confusion. The one on Ama's face just before mentally whispering to God was the*#£!*!?* one. An indescribable wave of looks passed across her face. Then composure