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Registrar General Says You Can Register Your Business Online But Don’t Try It Yet.

Registering your company in Ghana is a hustle and a time-wasting experience which can have you frustrated and leave you to resort to using connection guys to help. These guys too aren’t cheap. So you can imagine how refreshing the news felt when I heard you can now register your business entity online now. Registrar General is getting techy. I was excited to see I could check if my business name was available through the Name Search function and reserve the Name as well. But before you get all excited, here’s why I think you should hold off on doing so for now.

How It All Went Down At #DumsorMustStop Vigil.

The long-awaited, non-partisan #DumsorMustStop has come to an end. A vigil initiated by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson and some concerned Ghanaians took place today after some days of insults on social and traditional media. 'You are doing the work of NPP,' accused one NDC official as the Ghanaian actress announced her intentions. After all is said and done, the vigil finally took place. How was it, you ask? High turnout with splatters of disorderliness and selfie-taking celebrities. 

The First Mandela Washington Fellowship Conference Reunites Fellows In Accra

The first Mandela Washington Fellowship Conference was held in Accra recently and the event brought together a great number of young leaders from 21 West African countries. The conference was organised to bring together the young leaders of YALI (Young African Leaders Intiative) to enable them to share their expertise and engage on issues which they have defined as critical for the future of Africa. 

The first day's session, saw prominent leaders such as U.S Ambassador to Ghana, Gene A. Cretz, Deputy Minister of Education Honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and Patrick Awuah Jr, Founder of Ashesi University, Ghana.

Highly Recommended Productivity Apps For Any Startup!

Being a founder of an ecommerce startup in Ghana has been a gap bridging experience for me so far. The founders team is made up of 5 young enterprising people and managing the operations of the business currently revolves around a lot of technological adaptations especially where productivity apps are concerned. Most start-ups always starts out as a small team which get together as often as they can especially where they have full time day jobs. This often is a challenge in terms of logistics and conflicts with other meetings. Having the right productivity apps solves this problem to ensure the team is still connected and able to track tasks and current projects.

The naming of a business or your startup goes beyond finding one which is catchy, sounds great in the ear or communicates your product and service. I believe there are some steps many founders and sole-proprietors are overlooking as they crack their brains on whether to choose from using their names for the business or picking something modern and trendy. These steps range from physical checks at Registrar General and conducting a digital search as well. 

Launch of YALI Regional Leadership Centers in Africa.

The MasterCard Foundation today announced a $10million commitment and support towards The Obama administration's initiative Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). YALI was birthed in 2010 to support young African leaders as they work hard to spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa. This commitment is being made over the next 5 years to help YALI reach nearly 10,000 young men and women in Africa. Exciting news!

The Woman in Tech; Ethel Cofie Gives Insights On YALI and Why Matrix is Her Favorite Movie.

I first met Ethel Cofie during one of the #TechRepublic meetups at Republic Bar & Grill. We didn't speak much that night but the second time we did. Here was a woman who had some deep insights on technology and business strategy, and as she went on and on about how online payments and banks in Ghana could do a better job than they are now, I knew one of these days I had to feature her, then she told me about being selected as a candidate for YALI. That did it. 

 Women are breaking the glass ceiling in every country in previously male-dominated jobs and industries. On International Women's Day celebrated worldwide on the 8th of March, there was a lot of talk on radio about inspirational women from different spheres of life and their inspirational accomplishments. Sometimes, certain names ring consistently and repeatedly throughout and sometimes with great ease we can easily roll off our tongues when asked to mention a woman of great inspiration.