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Busy Opens Its Ultra-Modern Experiential Office To Customers.

Busy is indeed getting busy and moving at a fast pace in the data network industry. Previously providing an Internet WiMax Service, Busy has rebranded into a 4G service providing company. 

The company formally opened up its colorful and ultra-modern experiential office to its customers recently. The event was MCéd by Kwame Gyan who paved way for the the Busy executives to make their speeches. 

Internet in Ghana Is About to SkyRocket with the Latest 4G Network: Busy4G.

The company has rebranded not just with a name change to just ‘BUSY’ which has been designed to symbolise the brand's dynamism, youthfulness and positivity but also comes with a fresh and colourful brand identity.

We are all about to get a little more busy on the internet with the incredible service offerings which were presented during the launch. Bloggers should rejoice! Such exciting news gives much hope of work efficiency and less moaning on Twitter about expensive connections *cough* Surfline.

You Can Be The Ultimate Winner In The Vodafone #YeeTwiKor Promotion! Here's How!

Whether you call, text or browse you are awarded points based on the amount you recharge or spend. For every 10 pesewas you recharge or spend, you gain 1 point. This qualifies you for the race to win the ultimate cash prize of GHS100, 000 at the end of the 70 days! What would or could you do with GHS 100,000? Buy land? A house? A car or a farm? Endless possibilities! 

My Expectations of ProjectLink As A Blogger In Ghana.

My life as a blogger relies on two essentials: electricity & internet. Without these two necessities I would probably be having only a diary with one reader: myself.

When I attended the launch of ProjectLink by Google some weeks back, I was excited to hear how this project would come to transform internet access, speed & affordability in Ghana. Fiber cables running from Accra to Kumasi all 1,000km of it to connect Ghanaians to the world wide web. Finally! Fast internet access in Ghana! Affordable? I am yet to find out.

As a blogger what are my expectations on the delivery of ProjectLink?

Street photography brings out the candid moments and reflects the regular lives of people as they go about life. It gives a glimpse into the lives of every culture in any country. Whether it’s a person riding on a bicyle whilst texting or a little girl getting her braids done each moment captured on a smartphone or dslr tells a deep visual story.


Shooting street photography in Accra is not much different from doing same in some cities. it is not an exactly photo friendly city in all honest opinion. The city has a lot of history but less artsy locations, events and monuments to shoot at. If not for annual art festivals like #ChaleWote2015 there’s little going on in the city with regards to festivals and large outdoor events.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Scared To Work In Tech Because You Are A Woman.

Women in Tech is not a new topic. So much has been written about it. So many incidents where women were picked on instead of being praised.

From sexist jokes being made at conferences to harassments in many workplaces, especially tech startups, one would have thought by now, we would have learned our lesson.

Well, we haven't and that's sad ... I came home last night to find a hashtag on twitter #ILookLikeAnEngineer . I wondered what it was all about and after digging deeper found this article that started it all.

The #Africa2015 Photography Competition by Agility Logistics Is Open! Here's How To Enter!

#Africa2015 is a photography competition you would be interested in whether you are a professional or amateur photographer in Ghana or Africa. Aside the fantastic prize of US $2,000 for each category with an additional $2,000 for the ultimate prize winner, which is enough motivation; the challenge is also excellent platform on creating content for Africa.  

Registrar General Says You Can Register Your Business Online But Don’t Try It Yet.

Registering your company in Ghana is a hustle and a time-wasting experience which can have you frustrated and leave you to resort to using connection guys to help. These guys too aren’t cheap. So you can imagine how refreshing the news felt when I heard you can now register your business entity online now. Registrar General is getting techy. I was excited to see I could check if my business name was available through the Name Search function and reserve the Name as well. But before you get all excited, here’s why I think you should hold off on doing so for now.