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Internet in Ghana Is About to SkyRocket with the Latest 4G Network: Busy4G.

The company has rebranded not just with a name change to just ‘BUSY’ which has been designed to symbolise the brand's dynamism, youthfulness and positivity but also comes with a fresh and colourful brand identity.

We are all about to get a little more busy on the internet with the incredible service offerings which were presented during the launch. Bloggers should rejoice! Such exciting news gives much hope of work efficiency and less moaning on Twitter about expensive connections *cough* Surfline.

Nominations Are Up For Blogging Ghana's, Blogging & Social Media Awards for 2016. #BloGHAwards16

The association of more than 200 members has over the past held the awards to recognize Ghanaian bloggers who create original and unique content across different topics in new media. The awards ceremony also awards organizations and individuals who are influential on social media whether in terms of followers, engagement or content. This is the fourth award event being held.

The nominations for 2016 are currently open for you to vote for your favourite blogger or blog as well as accounts on social media who are raking in the metrics.

You can vote here . The deadline for submission of nominations is the 29th of January, 2016. In case you are not sure of which blogs exist in Ghana then check out the blog roll call list here.

My Expectations of ProjectLink As A Blogger In Ghana.

My life as a blogger relies on two essentials: electricity & internet. Without these two necessities I would probably be having only a diary with one reader: myself.

When I attended the launch of ProjectLink by Google some weeks back, I was excited to hear how this project would come to transform internet access, speed & affordability in Ghana. Fiber cables running from Accra to Kumasi all 1,000km of it to connect Ghanaians to the world wide web. Finally! Fast internet access in Ghana! Affordable? I am yet to find out.

As a blogger what are my expectations on the delivery of ProjectLink?

Two Ghanaians Place in The Finalists of The CNN MULTICHOICE AFRICAN JOURNALIST 2015 Competition.

The finalists in the ever prestigious CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2015 have been announced!


Ferial Haffajee, Chair of the independent judging panel made this announcement earlier this morning. In its 20th year, the competition has highlighted the brilliant works of African journalists in various categories ranging from print to radio.  

And this year two Ghanaian journalists have made it to the finalists stage!

Here Are The Winners of the 20th GJA Awards 2015.

Congratulations to Seth Kwame Boateng of JoyFm for winning the GJA Best Journalist Award for 2014! I felt so proud of him (never met him before) as he gave thanks to God for this miracle. A miracle because he started out as a receptionist at Love Fm. From a receptionist to a National Award winner! He poured praise on his wifeas he quoted Proverbs 18:22 and how he found favor because of her. I wish I could have seen her face.  As a last born of 17 children this is how far the Lord has brought him.

Lessons Learned From Being a 'GangLeader' For The Winning Team #SuameGang

When I was asked if I wanted to be a “GangLeader”  for a blogwalk as part of #blogcamp15, I saw it as an opportunity to do something different and exciting! After all how many times did I get the chance to capture a suburb of Kumasi with my own gang members? Like never.

#SuameGang, #AsafoGang and #AdumGang were the three gangs  set to pitch against each other to determine the best gang to have the best and most photos of a suburb in Kumasi. After much planning and strategizing, my gang #SuameGang won! What a feeling it was too! We had worked hard, walked through mazes of Suame magazine metalwork shops and foundries and communicated pretty well for a group in which many people had never each other before until the walk.

I learnt some very valuable lessons whilst I was a GangLeader of the #SuameGang which I would I believe helped in helping us to win

Catch Up On What You Missed During The BloggingGhana Blogging and Social Media Awards Night.

The euphoria has almost waned out for many Ghanaian bloggers who attended the glitzy purply social media awards night organised by Blogging Ghana at the serene Coconut Grove Regency Hotel. My euphoria however is still on cloud 6, as I got to do something different this year! I was given the spot of holding red-carpet interviews with the invited guests, nominees and bloggers before the show started. That was a memorable experience and actually came close to being an E! show! 

Highly Recommended Productivity Apps For Any Startup!

Being a founder of an ecommerce startup in Ghana has been a gap bridging experience for me so far. The founders team is made up of 5 young enterprising people and managing the operations of the business currently revolves around a lot of technological adaptations especially where productivity apps are concerned. Most start-ups always starts out as a small team which get together as often as they can especially where they have full time day jobs. This often is a challenge in terms of logistics and conflicts with other meetings. Having the right productivity apps solves this problem to ensure the team is still connected and able to track tasks and current projects.

7 Essentials Every Blogger Needs To Optimize Their Game.

Do you feel like you are ready to take your blogging more seriously and maybe start earning some form of income from your writing? Are you ready to be recognised as a professional blogger and wondering how to go about it? 


Currently in my fourth year of blogging, I have gone through just writing my thoughts on whatever popped into my head to writing on things that interest me and to a more defined area of lifestyle. Through these stages which I choose to call the different shades of blogging I have learnt through mentorship, self-research and hands on practicing of tips provided by industry leaders.

Hard Guy and Boss Chick Trended on Twitter This Weekend

Sundays on Twitter usually has football tweets running across my timeline. no pun intended. I love football don't get me wrong but it gets a bit long as i keep coming across insults, groans, sighs and GOOOAAAALLLLL tweets whilst looking for something new. 

But this Sunday was different with a hilarious trend going through my feed. Hard guy and Boss Chick was a satirical tweet going around the microblogging app. My curiosity got the better of me as I scrolled to see more of this trend and couldn't help but to get caught up in it.