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#MyKpenkpeshie: An AfricanCity Co-Producer Ms. Adjei Spills The Beans On Her Magnificent Natural Hair & Other Things You Would Love to Know!

1. My thoughts on African women going back to their natural hair roots

 I'm excited to see more women on the continent ( and Ghana specifically) embracing their natural hair. It's been a drastic change from even 5 years ago. I can't tell you how many people (family members included) told me to relax my hair or assumed I was African American when I was visiting Ghana 5 years ago.

#MyKpenkpeshie: Cameroonian Blogger, Fadima Shares Fantastic Natural Hair Secrets!


Which natural hair product is your favourite?

My favourite brand is Giovanni ! It’s a US natural hair products brand, which produce fantastic organic products. I have been using it for years! They have shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. I mostly use the 50-50 conditioner and the direct leave-in conditioner which is part of my natural hair regime. I am very happy with their products.

How To: 3 Ways To Wear A HeadScarf.

One of the reasons I believe some women don't let their braids last (taking it out after two-three weeks is, boredom. They get bored and tired of having a braids bun all the time so the interest is lost soon. 

But wait a minute! Hollop, Hollop! With a simple scarf did you know you could literally change your look whilst in braids? Like you didn't already know! Whether it's African Print or any other fabric, a head scarf will save you from a bad hair day and any other day when your braids or hair just refuses to listen to you. 

VIDEO: Stonebwoy Says This About The Natural Hair Revolution in Ghana. #MyKpenkpeshie

It was opening night of the MultiChoice Content Showcase Extravaganza and Stonebwoy had just finished his brilliant reggaeton performance .  Chagrined  that he was the only Ghanaian celebrity at the week-long event in Mauritius I nevertheless caught up with him to find out what he thinks of Ghanaian women going onboard the natural hair revolution.

The BET Award Winner looking resplendent in his Gye Nyame emblazoned t-shirt had this to say to all naturalistas. 

#MyKpenkpeshie Natural HairStyle Instagram Contest.

Here are the details for the natural hairstyle contest which I am running on my Instagram account with wonderful sponsorship by TheBodyButterCo who is providing fabulous natural hair products  for three winners!


  1. Follow me @oyooquartey
  2. Repost this contest with the hashtag #MyKpenkpeshie 
  3. Upload a great photo of your best & freakiest natural hairstyle. 
  4.  Mention me @oyooquartey in your post.

#MyKpenkpeshie: 4 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Natural Hair Whilst Its in Braids

As part of your natural hair regime, you are bound by one of the rules ‘KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR COILS!’ also called ‘NO TRESSPASSING ON YOUR OWN HAIR’ or ‘NATURAL HAIR LIVES HERE, NO TOUCHING PLEASE!’ The hand touching syndrome which many women suffer from.

Its difficult isn’t it? Especially when you keep running into new styles on Pinterest and Instagram. Endless temptation! So then what to do but to get a protective hairstyle to hibernate your coils. So now you have your protective style locked down. Please do not forget about your natural hair whilst you go about your business. Sure its a PROTECTIVE hairstyle but there are things you can do to still take care of your coils.  How can you do you go about doing that?