#MyKpenkpeshie: Cameroonian Blogger, Fadima Shares Fantastic Natural Hair Secrets!


Which natural hair product is your favourite?

My favourite brand is Giovanni ! It’s a US natural hair products brand, which produce fantastic organic products. I have been using it for years! They have shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. I mostly use the 50-50 conditioner and the direct leave-in conditioner which is part of my natural hair regime. I am very happy with their products.

How You Can Take Part In The Climbing of Mountain Afadjato Coming Soon in A Few Weeks!

Ghana has some hidden treasures which aren’t being promoted enough. The country is filled with waterfalls hiding beneath clusters of jungle vegetation, mountains begging to be climbed and canyons with gaping mouths yelling for discovery. 

Thankfully, there are quite a number of tour operators looking to change this and put Ghana on the tourism map of ‘Places to Explore in Africa’. One such operator is See Afrique which is about to launch another tour operation with #ClimbAfadzato2015 .

Easy To Make: The Perfect Homemade Coconut Muffins.

I am a disappointed cupcake maker. I ‘blasted’ in an attempt to make my first cupcake. Very serious blasting which could be heard from one end of my neighborhood to the Oxford Street. I later got told of my grievous errors by my Aunt and had she not encouraged me to not give up on trying again; I would have thrown in the apron. Never say never! 

So I made muffins to get over my despondency the following morning. My favourite muffins of all time are Banana muffins. The moist & sweet taste of banana caught up in the muffin mix is just one of those experiences which gives an eater the best foodgasmic sensation.

My Expectations of ProjectLink As A Blogger In Ghana.

My life as a blogger relies on two essentials: electricity & internet. Without these two necessities I would probably be having only a diary with one reader: myself.

When I attended the launch of ProjectLink by Google some weeks back, I was excited to hear how this project would come to transform internet access, speed & affordability in Ghana. Fiber cables running from Accra to Kumasi all 1,000km of it to connect Ghanaians to the world wide web. Finally! Fast internet access in Ghana! Affordable? I am yet to find out.

As a blogger what are my expectations on the delivery of ProjectLink?

Bit by Bit Bit I’m Heading Towards Savings Success.

Results. We all like to see the results of whatever initiative we embark. Whether we’re trying to lose weight or acing an exam. Whatever we embark on, there will be some form of results. Those results could be good or bad – depending on how much effort we put into our goals.


September has come and gone and I have some results to show for my savings challenge. This is an overview of how much I spent in August and September on dining out, one area I’ve been trying to cut back on.

The King Who Married Gifty Anti .

Social media in Ghana is clamoring over the news of GTV's TV Presenter and Personality Gifty Anti getting married to Chief of Adumasa Nana Ansah Kwao who is also a Radio & TV Host at JoyFm.  Its almost like the gong-gong beater hitting the gong ferociously and hoarsely affirming the news instead of inviting us to the event. 

As each media house shared photos and videos from the event, fans and haters of both personalities shared their comments after each post. And quite unsurprisingly there was a lot more focus on Gifty Anti now Awo Dansoa. Scathing remarks about her ‘overdue’ marriage appeared on almost every website whilst other’s cruelly remarked about the ‘brand new second hand woman’. Could these websites control these negative and slanderous comments?

How To: 3 Ways To Wear A HeadScarf.

One of the reasons I believe some women don't let their braids last (taking it out after two-three weeks is, boredom. They get bored and tired of having a braids bun all the time so the interest is lost soon. 

But wait a minute! Hollop, Hollop! With a simple scarf did you know you could literally change your look whilst in braids? Like you didn't already know! Whether it's African Print or any other fabric, a head scarf will save you from a bad hair day and any other day when your braids or hair just refuses to listen to you.