PHOTOS: A Display of Local & International Cuisine At The Accra Premium Food Festival

Food festival!! Accra has been filled with many events these past two months. From ChaleWote to The Ghana Garden & Flower Show, each event brought with it its own delightful content ranging from artworks, cultural music, local greenery and natural hairstyles. And now the city experienced food of all kinds at the Accra Premium Food Festival. 

The two-day festival by Accra Premium was held at Alliance Francais and it was a busy people-packed event with food vendors enticing us with mouth-watering food.

How I Started My Backyard Garden By Using Recycled Car Tyres.

I just got fed up one day after visiting the market. Things are getting expensive. I am talking about basic ingredients for making a great meal. Tomatoes which are being imported from Burkina Faso always seem to be getting more expensive. Onions which always gives my gravies extra flavor keeps skyrocketing. As for Kpakposhito, I was almost insulted in Makola for asking the market woman to ‘wo mli’ ( top up). 1 cedi wouldn’t even last two stews.

My solution? To go back to creating my own backyard farm, yes! It wouldn’t be the first time. When I was in Ridge Church School, we were taught how to make vegetable beds and plant vegetables. I was so enthused that I took this idea back home and told my Dad I wanted to plant carrots and lettuce. And I did! It was such a rewarding experience which I now want to bring back.

Easy To Make: Homemade Coconut & Banana Smoothie.

My love affair with coconut grows everyday. It’s a real love affair brewed in a blackened African pot over smoldering coals. Don’t expect it to end anytime soon. I keep discovering and creating my own recipes with either coconut water, the milk or the meat. Coconut is an all-round miracle fruit packed with amazing health benefits. I can confess that since I started drinking coconut water every other day it has really helped reduce that irritable indigestion I get every now and then. The health benefits of coconut oil, water and milk are numerous!

The Little Habits That Help You Save.

As I keep trudging on to do better at savings, I realized that a large portion of my expenses was going into Dining/Eating Out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat out all the time. I am talking about sandwiches from a local patisserie, buying waakye and impulse buying of snacks. All these purchases I classify under eating out. They might seem small, but trust me, at the end of the month I could be spending more than 100 cedis on eating out.

To reduce this and other similar tiny ones, I’ve been implementing some new habits.

Two Ghanaians Place in The Finalists of The CNN MULTICHOICE AFRICAN JOURNALIST 2015 Competition.

The finalists in the ever prestigious CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2015 have been announced!


Ferial Haffajee, Chair of the independent judging panel made this announcement earlier this morning. In its 20th year, the competition has highlighted the brilliant works of African journalists in various categories ranging from print to radio.  

And this year two Ghanaian journalists have made it to the finalists stage!

Discover Mauritius - The People, The Food & More

There are some countries you will see on the internet and you cant help but wonder if its possible for you to go there. For me it’s been for a long time Mauritius and Maldives followed by the rest.  There’s something about seeing white sands and blue oceans surrounding tiny land mass of gorgeous resorts. It calls out to me. So when the golden ticket opportunity came up, I snatched it up like it was the last grain of Jollof on my dinner plate. Thank you Multichoice for my golden ticket. I used it well.

My Very Own 360 Degree 4D Experience At The MultiChoice Content ShowCase Extravaganza.

From the time I received the invitation to be part of the MultiChoice Content ShowCase Extravaganza in Mauritius, I was wishing the months to pass by quickly for September to arrive. To create content during the week-long event was definitely something to look forward to.

One thing is certain; you don’t need a visa to go to Mauritius. This fact I knew about way before Prez. Mahama went there to discuss trade matters.  Your passport gets stamped on entry at the customs area.

VIDEO: Stonebwoy Says This About The Natural Hair Revolution in Ghana. #MyKpenkpeshie

It was opening night of the MultiChoice Content Showcase Extravaganza and Stonebwoy had just finished his brilliant reggaeton performance .  Chagrined  that he was the only Ghanaian celebrity at the week-long event in Mauritius I nevertheless caught up with him to find out what he thinks of Ghanaian women going onboard the natural hair revolution.

The BET Award Winner looking resplendent in his Gye Nyame emblazoned t-shirt had this to say to all naturalistas. 

Find Out Who Got Baked In The Great British BakeOff. #OnlyTheBest.

I absolutely love the utensils I got from BBC Lifestyle and I cant wait to get home and bake muffins, scones, meatpie, jam rolls and sausage rolls! Baking for Dayyysss! I cant wait to watch The Great South African Bake Off next month! It will be airing from Tuesday 6th October at 20:00 CAT on BBC Lifestyle. This new bake off is part of BBC Worldwide’s ongoing commitment to provide high quality local programming. I am totally waiting the day there will be The Great Ghanaian Bake Off  or The Great West African Bake Off! We will bake Jollof Cake! Hehehe!!