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This Healthy All-Ghanaian Fruit Mix is a GameChanger!

Imagine my delight when I discovered passion fruit, rambutans and sour sop (aluguitungui) all at the same fruit corner at Rawlings Park, Makola. A recipe was already brewing in my head as I made my purchase and made a quick exit of the choked marketplace. You know how the place gets right?

Rambutans are cousins of lychees and apparently are fruits brought in by the Chinese to cultivate here. One was GHC 0.50. One. Yes, one. But they are deliciously sensational!

Keeping and eating healthy is a priority for me. It's not an easy task though and it takes a lot of effort to eat right whilst going about your business. Here's a recipe I made with these fruits which are packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and all kinds of nutritious sensationalism. 

Easy To Make: Kale & Mushroom Salad

You can imagine my delight when I discovered Kale at SowGreen during the Accra Green Market which I swung by today. Kale!!!! Oh boy, was some salad going to be in trouble! I then got really fresh oyster mushrooms from Green Harv Farms which is officially my best source of fresh oyster mushrooms any day, any time! 

The weather was perfect for a cool kale and mushroom salad and by the time I was done, this had to be the BEST salad I had ever made! Cross my heart! The vinaigrette was amazing and I took inspiration from the AllRecipe site. I wasn't sure if I had to steam the kale or eat it raw. But now I know raw is great! 

Easy to Make - Gari Foto

I hadn’t made gari fortor in a long while. Its just one of those dishes which isn’t regular in my home. Its not like jollof which we can prepare at least once a week, four times a month. It has a low shelf-life thanks to the possibility of the gari losing its freshness. But I had stated my intention on Instagram so here I was standing in my dumsor-free kitchen preparing the dish which can look deceptively like jollof from a distance. Get closer and you will be disappointed.

If You Are An Entrepreneur, These Health Issues Should Be Your Concern!

Every entrepreneur is driven by strong passion, focus and a desire for great achievement throughout every stage of the business. Its also easy for them to forget about their health whilst pursuing their dreams. As a crafts entrepreneur and blogger I know how easily one can get wrapped up in trying to stay up late to meet orders, take photos and meet deadlines for stocking shops that its so easy to forget about your health. Some jobs are more sedentary than others for eg. coding and photography. But both still expose the business owner to serious health risks which if not decapitated in the early stages can lead to chronic illnesses and even death. Some of these health risks are listed below:

LifeBuoy’s #HelpAChildReach5 Initiative Can Save Your Child’s Life.

Children under-five are at a high risk of getting infected with bacterial and viral illnesses as their daily activities mostly involves playing in the dirt, on the floor, putting their hands in every unimaginable crevice. The ground is their fortress. Naturally, their hands gets into their mouths, nose, eyes etc which are entrances for all kinds of germs. Therefore this initiative of teaching parents and children how to wash their hands with soap under running water is a simple but powerful method of helping reduce the mortality number of these precious little lives.

There are those who talk and those who act. Some have decided to be action figures to fight against the current cholera epidemic and augment the fight against Ebola. #NoChobo is a challenge to give as many free hand sanitizers as possible and challenge others to do same. Kinda like the #icebucketchallenge but without the icebucket and water. Here's how it works and how I went about mine.

1. Buy hand sanitizers

2. Distribute to school children in your neighborhood or any area of your choice 

3. Take a photo, upload to any social media platform

4. Challenge 5 social media friends and real friends to make greater impact and create more awareness 

5. If your nominated friends are unable to donate the sanitizers, they will owe you 100-150 cedis to buy the sanitizers and donate on their behalf. Easy!

The Simple Things Hotels in Ghana Are Getting Wrong and How They Can Get Their Act Together.

What is happening to the hotel industry in Ghana? I may not be a Hospitality graduate but I have lots of clues and ideas on what the hotels aren’t paying attention to when it comes to their guests and their needs. Guests like myself. They are getting so many things wrong in their service delivery and its been going for years now and it’s a shame that nothing or very little has changed with regards to any solutions to these mishaps if i may call them that.

Camboo & Lorry Tire

I went on a 3km run this morning after slacking for 2 weeks and gorging on bacon, cheese and all kinds of sausages insanely within that period. I am ashamed. But i have repented.

Keeping a healthy body and choosing a healthy lifestyle is a choice. One which many find difficult in making and rather choose to blame on lack of time.