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Find Out Who Got Baked In The Great British BakeOff. #OnlyTheBest.

I absolutely love the utensils I got from BBC Lifestyle and I cant wait to get home and bake muffins, scones, meatpie, jam rolls and sausage rolls! Baking for Dayyysss! I cant wait to watch The Great South African Bake Off next month! It will be airing from Tuesday 6th October at 20:00 CAT on BBC Lifestyle. This new bake off is part of BBC Worldwide’s ongoing commitment to provide high quality local programming. I am totally waiting the day there will be The Great Ghanaian Bake Off  or The Great West African Bake Off! We will bake Jollof Cake! Hehehe!!

Experiencing the AMAZING RACE at the MultiChoice Africa Content Showcase Extravaganza in Mauritius.

I remember falling down one time during a 100m relay race back in Secondary School. Flat on my face that’s how I fell. All because I had to turned my head to see a distraction behind me. Needless to say I lost the race, and never run again. Well aside from morning runs against myself.


 Imagine how nervous I was when I realized I was going to be taking part in the AMAZING RACE which is shown on the Sony channel (DSTV Channel (DStv Channel 127 and GOtv Plus channel 21)  as part of the activities lined up for the invited guests. Kai! Me? Run? It aint gonna happen. Not today and definitely not in a jumpsuit and the pink flip flops that I was wearing! How come we weren’t told of this? I would have dressed more appropriately! Come and see pressure!

MultiChoice Africa Press Conference Talking points.

The MultiChoice Africa hosted a press conference on Wednesday morning at the Content Showcase, to address questions around the video entertainment service provider’s content, services and plans for the future, taking questions from media from across Africa.


The participants were Tim Jacobs, CEO of MultiChoice Africa; Wangi Mba-Uzoukwa, M-Net Regional Director: West Africa; Theo Erasmus, M-Net Regional Director: East and Southern Africa and Lusophone countries; and David Booth, Chief Content Officer, with the event facilitated by media consultant Jenkins Alumona.


When its about quality entertainment in Africa, MultiChoice Africa stands tall amongst the rest. And they proved it yet again at the second #OnlyTheBest Content Showcase Extravaganza which took place at the Outrigger Resort in Mauritius. It was a spectacular grandiose night filled with #OnlyTheBest of African entertainment which finally ended with a burst of fireworks which shone in brilliance over the Indian Ocean. 

The star-studded guestlist read like the who's who of Africa's entertainment and media.  

FORBIDDEN a Roverman Productions Play, review; Beyond Five Stars!

I do well to watch at least one of the quarterly plays by Uncle Ebo Whyte.  Each play has been hilarious, thought-provoking and always brought a sense of community amongst the audience. So when I got tickets to see FORBIDDEN I wasn’t expecting less.  FORBIDDEN is a play of deceit, unfaithfulness, faith and blind love bound together in humor and song.

I had already heard of people going to watch FORBDIDEN about four times after their first experience. And to say my curiosity wasn’t perked would be an understatement.  I rushed from the house at 3:30pm knowing full well how prompt the curtain lifts at 4pm.  I was just in time!

Here's my review of the play: 

Personality Interview: Uncle Ebo Whyte Spills The Beans On His Latest Play ‘Forbidden’

In certain institutions outside Ghana where reputation is highly regarded, lets take; a student-lecturer relationship  is forbidden. The lecturer can be dismissed because of the relationship. I know of one company in Ghana that has made it forbidden for staff to have amorous relationships. A couple in that company got married and both of them got the sack. In some banks, although its not forbidden they may not put two dating people in the same branch or department. But generally as human beings aren’t we always doing the forbidden? Either because of the excitement of being caught or lack of self-control or the fact that our basal elements gets the better of us. At one point or the other we court with what is forbidden. The consequences of indulging in forbidden acts are often seen over time or occurs instantly. Would you say Tiger Woods did a forbidden act which led to the plunge in his career?

8 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From KingsMan: The Secret Service

How could one movie be filled with best a** kicking action, cute spies, rib-cracking scenes, James Bond envy gadgets and the best of British street slang all at once? It was all possible with KingsMan: Secret Service the hottest British spy action comedy (what kind of film category is this again?). Fantastic movie guaranteed to make you shriek, guffaw and have you saying 'You taking a piss out of me!' So what lessons can we learn from this all-star movie? 

A Weekend of African Fashion Shopping At FashionistaGh Shopping Festival

Its that time of year where fashionistas, fashion bloggers, fashion labels, beauty brands and food vendors gather to eat, shop, take selfies and do more shopping! #Fghshop an initiative by FashionistaGh has been an annual shopping festival in Ghana for the past three years. Its happening once again at the International Trade Fair Centre, Pavilion A and starts from 10am to 8pm each day.