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How It All Went Down At #DumsorMustStop Vigil.

The long-awaited, non-partisan #DumsorMustStop has come to an end. A vigil initiated by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson and some concerned Ghanaians took place today after some days of insults on social and traditional media. 'You are doing the work of NPP,' accused one NDC official as the Ghanaian actress announced her intentions. After all is said and done, the vigil finally took place. How was it, you ask? High turnout with splatters of disorderliness and selfie-taking celebrities. 

The Mental & Physical Health Impact of Dumsor on The Lifestyle of Ghanaians- An Interview With Psychologist Dr. Annie Gaisie

There's been endless conversations about how the energy crisis in Ghana has led to job-cuts, business closures, demonstrations and the deepening of the daily struggles of the average Ghanaian. 

But there hasn't been much talk around how this crisis is affecting the mental and physical health of the citizens. We cannot ignore the fact that people being laid off, businesses being closed down can lead to serious health effects and it thus falls on us to be aware of how to prevent or reduce the risks to such exposure. 

I interviewed Dr. Annie-Gaisie, a renowned psychologist to share more of her knowledge on how dumsor is affecting the mental and physical health of Ghanaians. 

There are those who talk and those who act. Some have decided to be action figures to fight against the current cholera epidemic and augment the fight against Ebola. #NoChobo is a challenge to give as many free hand sanitizers as possible and challenge others to do same. Kinda like the #icebucketchallenge but without the icebucket and water. Here's how it works and how I went about mine.

1. Buy hand sanitizers

2. Distribute to school children in your neighborhood or any area of your choice 

3. Take a photo, upload to any social media platform

4. Challenge 5 social media friends and real friends to make greater impact and create more awareness 

5. If your nominated friends are unable to donate the sanitizers, they will owe you 100-150 cedis to buy the sanitizers and donate on their behalf. Easy!

Ghana has a cholera epidemic on her hands. 40 people have lost their lives already whilst 3,000+ cases lie on benches and floors in hospitals due to lack of bed space and facilities. All these has taken place within a space of three months and the situation doesn't look like its improving.

Our city is flowing with waste both human and environmental, its on the streets, in the markets and flowing through our gutters. This epidemic was bound to happen. The factors attributing to this health issue are many whilst solutions to prevent its occurrence are yet to be seen.