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English Names For Girls Which Are Almost Extinct In Ghana

There was a time when certain English names for girls were very popular in Ghana. Some of these names were so unique that some people made unforgettable or often regrettable songs out of them based on their pronunciation or their shortened version. The popularity of these names often led to one classroom to have 3 Christina's or 4 Joana's. Imagine the confusion! Take for example my Christian name Linda (yeah, I bet you didn’t know I was called that) its just like MTN; everywhere you go. But these names I am focusing on here are slowly becoming as extinct as a desktop telephone. 

Here are my favourite English names for girls which being used less and less during naming ceremonies in Ghana.

1.    Agatha – This is a classic name! Almost vintage! We used to pronounce this as Agata (without the h).

18 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To His Proposal

He thinks of you first, when he wants to share good news with you, even before he calls his ‘body body’ or even his Mom.  How would you know you are the first? You can always hear the excitement in his voice as he relates the new promotion he just got or the solution he’s finally figured out to a tough design. This also goes for you as well. Anything you want to share gets through to him first.

If Sex Positions were Ghanaian Dishes…

Ghanaian dishes are unique just like Sushi in Japan. Our foods are mostly starch based and mostly spicy. Even the bland meals are accompanied with some form of spicy sauce or soup. Sex is one of life’s basic functions which aside increases human population can be pleasurable and invoke deep emotional attachment between two people. When not done right its can really cause a whole lot of issues in a relationship. There are different types of sex positions just as there are different types of Ghanaian dishes. Some sex positions are hard to do and some Ghanaian dishes require also skill to prepare. Badly cooked meals can lead to frustrations amongst some people whose gateway to their hearts is through their stomach just as bad sex can lead to tension and problems in a relationship.

Things are so much different now. Men don’t want to use the word ‘date’ when he meets a girl he likes, choosing more to be in the hanging out zone than anything. Words such as 'we are talking' or 'I am seeing this person' are very common nowadays. No definition of sorts. Why can’t men simply ask a woman to be his girlfriend or just simply say, ‘I like you, would you be my girlfriend?’ These simple words seem to elude many young men out there and rather confuse a woman with visits to her home, chatting with her brothers and mother,  hanging around her in public places and acting like he’s her boyfriend and expects her to assume that he is. This is the same guy who when his friends’ asks who she is says, ‘She bi my paddie’ or ‘we dey.’ what does that mean anyway? Such a person isn’t ready for anything serious. 

JoyFm once again organised its annual bridal fair with the usual splendour and buzzed activities. This year the event dubbed  'Together Naturally' run for four days and it had more vendors and great attendance. Although I missed the marriage seminar, I found time to attend the Saturday session to see what was new on the wedding organisation planet. Was there anything new and exciting being offered by the vendors? 

Ghana has some unique places for entertainment, food corners, beach resorts, bars and bistros. But sometimes, some of these places arent really ideal to pop the question. Depending on where you want to say 'Will you..?' you must decide on what makes you comfortable or perhaps choose the first place you had your very first date.  Here are some great ideas and places in Ghana to hear your woman say 'I will' (fingers crossed)


5 Perfect Gospel Songs To Choose For Your Wedding

If you are preparing to get married soon and just wondering what gospel song you would like to played upon your entrance to the church or garden or seaside (whichever location catches your fancy) or would like to sing to your new bride; here is a list of my favourite (soon to be your favourite too) Gospel songs that would get every guest at your wedding saying, 'awwwwwww' and wipe away a tear! 

Lessons From Dad- A curation of valuable lessons from Our Fathers.

This post is way overdue. I dont blame anyone but myself. Thanks to the defeat at the hands of the USA team, I was too desolate and distressed to post anything after Father's Day.

To celebrate Father's Day this year so that Fathers do not feel left out, i decided to curate  valuable Dad lessons learnt from readers and bloggers in my blogoshpere. Up till now I have only 3. Had this been a Mother's Day post, i would have received an overwhelming response. Come on people!

Here are some inspirational quotes from some of my favorite bloggers and friends.


You can become anything you want to be, as long as you are willing to work for it. Always Respect Women and take responsibility for any action that you take. - Edem Kumodzi (

Is This The Reason Why You Would Go To Your Ex-Boyfriends Wedding?

Your 2year relationship was one-in-a-million and you felt this was your last bus after your very dry spell of being unmarried for a long time. All your friends adored him and your parents placed their stamp of approval on your relationship. The altar was just a few feet away when suddenly….it all came to a crashing end! The rest of the months flew by on silent wings, you lost weight, lost interest in family events, avoided your friends, changed your phone number and became a hermit.