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He Wants You To Meet His Parents And You Panic! What Do You Wear??

'I want you to meet my parents next weekend.' 

Your head turns sharply at this statement that you risk having a whiplash. He is staring out as he drives you to drop you off at your house. So casually but so groundbreaking! 

This is one of those words which when your boyfriend of one year finally utters and then somehow scatters your brain at the same time! Then you also casually say, 'Oh sure! That would be nice!' 

When a man utters these words, he isn't playing around.

The Must-See Men's Street Style At The New York Fashion Week

The Lincoln Center was flooded with fashion bloggers, freelance photographers, personal stylists and fashion peacocks all looking to photograph or to be photographed, to pin or be pinned. Its easy to focus one's lens on the women fashion and forget the men street style on display as well. And boy were they dressed to the fashion nines! The men had something important to say in all kinds of blazers, fedora hats, ankle pants (trousers), lapel pins and it went on and on! Their style ranged from laid-back casual to personal gothic. I got to speak to a few of the Gentry on their wear and naturally captured their looks as well. Enjoy the fashion eye candy. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015- Photos Galore!

Following fashion weeks whether its Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week has always been a passion for me. Most of often this has been online through my Flipboard magazines via Style, Glamour or Harper's Bazaar. But this year, I was determined to attend the New York Fashion Week and nothing was going to stop me! Nothing!

So here I am in New York and unbelievably standing amongst international fashion bloggers, global fashion TV networks and free-lance photographers snapping away at fashion peacocks at the Lincoln Centre during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Amazingness would never end! 

#VGMA2014 You No Force Kwraa (Worst) Fashion Moments

I have always been intrigued by the choice of wear for most events in Ghana especially music awards, movie awards, musical concerts etc. I have seen some disastrous outfits which leave little to the imagination and raises a few eyebrows from onlookers. 

Sadly the fans and some guests arrived at the #VGMA2014 awards looking like they had to squeeze every fat into a smaller sized dress whilst some walked or attempted to walk in mountainous platforms which forced them to walk like drunken giraffes. I am being a bit sharp but what I saw yesterday just makes me wonder why someone would put themselves through the pain and discomfort in order to look 'fashionable'? 

What To Wear To The Office Tomorrow: Blue Jeans, White Tee & African accessories.

Yayy!! Friday is here already. Ready for another fashion dish on what to wear to the office tomorrow? Why not try Western fashion simplicity with touches of African fashion accessories?  If your office permits smart casual Fridays; why not try dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt or short-sleeved tee and a navy blue blazer, top this off with an African beaded necklace or a Peter-Pan collar necklace to complete the look?

What To Wear To The Office Tomorrow: #MIGStyle

This is the first of many style posts on fab ideas on what to wear for a Friday in the office. Style tips with lots of emphasis on African print, accessories, etc. Just to inspire you every Friday morning and to keep a smile on your face through the day due to great compliments! You are beyond worth it! So every Friday before you leave the office, I will bring to your desktop and mobile phone some fab fashion inspiration to save you time Friday mornings! These posts are also towards promoting #MadeInGhana fashion, crafts and accessories!