Jamie Oliver Makes Jollof Rice But It Doesn't Go Down Well With Ghanaians #JollofGate

I came across Jamie Oliver's article on Jollof Rice on my Twitter timeline two days ago. My curiosity pushed me to tap the article  and I saw a curious dish of rice, vegetables and a chicken drumstick looking back at me. This is going to be interesting I thought as I scrolled through his brief intro on the roots of Jollof. Then came the recipe which I couldn't get the head or tail of when I started reading but then again I think I had expected a step by step list not full paragraphs so I soon got bored.

If You Are An Entrepreneur, These Health Issues Should Be Your Concern!

Every entrepreneur is driven by strong passion, focus and a desire for great achievement throughout every stage of the business. Its also easy for them to forget about their health whilst pursuing their dreams. As a crafts entrepreneur and blogger I know how easily one can get wrapped up in trying to stay up late to meet orders, take photos and meet deadlines for stocking shops that its so easy to forget about your health. Some jobs are more sedentary than others for eg. coding and photography. But both still expose the business owner to serious health risks which if not decapitated in the early stages can lead to chronic illnesses and even death. Some of these health risks are listed below:

Ariel's Haven & Spa, A Divine & Private Spa Experience in Accra

There are a few spa’s in Ghana providing wellness and grooming services to bring relaxation, improve blood circulation and boost one’s self-esteem. A good example is Ariel’s Haven Salon & Spa, an intimate spa providing personal detailed services for facials, massages, manicures and pedicures for both men and women.

I went there to get my first facial done after a stressful week of juggling a day job and my crafts work.

After writing for an hour yesterday, I was starving. I drove home to find every stew in the freezer and anything to go with it in its raw state; yam was raw, rice also raw and no kenkey in sight. Stomach grumbling i drove out to look for food. But my search for food didn’t want to include anything continental, I was revved up for a local dish. 

As i drove along the bustling streets of Osu, I remembered my friends Joe and Klenam eating out at an attieke place on Friday night. I quickly telegrammed Klenam on the directions only for him to come back and ask me to come to Chase restaurant. Dude I am in a local chow mood, I texted back. He didn’t respond again. 

10 Quotes on Gender Inequality

As part of my contribution towards the global blogging day, #BAD14 (even though I am a day late :( ) I collated the best quotes on gender equality & inequality and how many people (men and women) are discriminated against because of their sex. I chose gender inequality because it beats my imagination why a woman or man who is qualified to do a job and take a certain position is discriminated against for being that gender. What matters should be if they can actually perform at that task excellently. These quotes express the sentiments of global leaders and personalities from different countries and backgrounds.

LifeBuoy’s #HelpAChildReach5 Initiative Can Save Your Child’s Life.

Children under-five are at a high risk of getting infected with bacterial and viral illnesses as their daily activities mostly involves playing in the dirt, on the floor, putting their hands in every unimaginable crevice. The ground is their fortress. Naturally, their hands gets into their mouths, nose, eyes etc which are entrances for all kinds of germs. Therefore this initiative of teaching parents and children how to wash their hands with soap under running water is a simple but powerful method of helping reduce the mortality number of these precious little lives.

Accra has a multitude of restaurants and hotels serving the populace and international tourists. Whether its food, accommodation or a happy hour, most provide some sort of service to bring back their guests and customers to keep their businesses afloat.


But the question is which restaurants or hotels have good tasting food with customer service that doesn’t frustrate you? Which restaurants in the city can you send your US clients which serves excellent food at affordable prices and in a clean environment and miraculously accept VISA? That’s when you get stuck.

English Names For Girls Which Are Almost Extinct In Ghana

There was a time when certain English names for girls were very popular in Ghana. Some of these names were so unique that some people made unforgettable or often regrettable songs out of them based on their pronunciation or their shortened version. The popularity of these names often led to one classroom to have 3 Christina's or 4 Joana's. Imagine the confusion! Take for example my Christian name Linda (yeah, I bet you didn’t know I was called that) its just like MTN; everywhere you go. But these names I am focusing on here are slowly becoming as extinct as a desktop telephone. 

Here are my favourite English names for girls which being used less and less during naming ceremonies in Ghana.

1.    Agatha – This is a classic name! Almost vintage! We used to pronounce this as Agata (without the h).

18 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To His Proposal

He thinks of you first, when he wants to share good news with you, even before he calls his ‘body body’ or even his Mom.  How would you know you are the first? You can always hear the excitement in his voice as he relates the new promotion he just got or the solution he’s finally figured out to a tough design. This also goes for you as well. Anything you want to share gets through to him first.

The Official Launch of SubaPhotoApp - Review

Proud Co-Founders Nelson Klutse and Eric Hackman, launched the photo streaming app officially on 27/9/2014 to several guests at Storm Rooftop, a lounge and grill pub in Osu. With 356 downloads on Android as at that Saturday , the rising photo application has potential in the Ghanaian app development industry.

The Must-See Men's Street Style At The New York Fashion Week

The Lincoln Center was flooded with fashion bloggers, freelance photographers, personal stylists and fashion peacocks all looking to photograph or to be photographed, to pin or be pinned. Its easy to focus one's lens on the women fashion and forget the men street style on display as well. And boy were they dressed to the fashion nines! The men had something important to say in all kinds of blazers, fedora hats, ankle pants (trousers), lapel pins and it went on and on! Their style ranged from laid-back casual to personal gothic. I got to speak to a few of the Gentry on their wear and naturally captured their looks as well. Enjoy the fashion eye candy. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015- Photos Galore!

Following fashion weeks whether its Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week has always been a passion for me. Most of often this has been online through my Flipboard magazines via Style, Glamour or Harper's Bazaar. But this year, I was determined to attend the New York Fashion Week and nothing was going to stop me! Nothing!

So here I am in New York and unbelievably standing amongst international fashion bloggers, global fashion TV networks and free-lance photographers snapping away at fashion peacocks at the Lincoln Centre during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Amazingness would never end!