The annual arts, music and everything else cultural event ChaleWote took place recently at the usual location; JamesTown and once again it was filled with lots of eye-brow raising artwork, trendy African street fashion, street art and lots more!

I however didnt feel the energy of this year's event as compared to last years which was more packed with vendors and the curious. I made it to the second day after church and it was good to see more people attend. 

There are those who talk and those who act. Some have decided to be action figures to fight against the current cholera epidemic and augment the fight against Ebola. #NoChobo is a challenge to give as many free hand sanitizers as possible and challenge others to do same. Kinda like the #icebucketchallenge but without the icebucket and water. Here's how it works and how I went about mine.

1. Buy hand sanitizers

2. Distribute to school children in your neighborhood or any area of your choice 

3. Take a photo, upload to any social media platform

4. Challenge 5 social media friends and real friends to make greater impact and create more awareness 

5. If your nominated friends are unable to donate the sanitizers, they will owe you 100-150 cedis to buy the sanitizers and donate on their behalf. Easy!

The Simple Things Hotels in Ghana Are Getting Wrong and How They Can Get Their Act Together.

What is happening to the hotel industry in Ghana? I may not be a Hospitality graduate but I have lots of clues and ideas on what the hotels aren’t paying attention to when it comes to their guests and their needs. Guests like myself. They are getting so many things wrong in their service delivery and its been going for years now and it’s a shame that nothing or very little has changed with regards to any solutions to these mishaps if i may call them that.

Ghana has a cholera epidemic on her hands. 40 people have lost their lives already whilst 3,000+ cases lie on benches and floors in hospitals due to lack of bed space and facilities. All these has taken place within a space of three months and the situation doesn't look like its improving.

Our city is flowing with waste both human and environmental, its on the streets, in the markets and flowing through our gutters. This epidemic was bound to happen. The factors attributing to this health issue are many whilst solutions to prevent its occurrence are yet to be seen. 

Celebrity Interview: KALYBOS Opens Up About His Rising Fame On YouTube & Other Things You'd Never Have Guessed!

You have probably seen him in the popular YouTube comedy skit BoysKasa or watched  him during the TV advert Browse Chaw Promotion from Airtel,  as he tells his mom he's going to be a Rrrapper! KALYBOS the only boss with one S has become the new face of socialmedia entertainment and a Ghanaian YouTube celebrity. I recently had a hilarious chat with him to delve into the story behind that crazy funny character KALYBOS and how it all started. 

If Sex Positions were Ghanaian Dishes…

Ghanaian dishes are unique just like Sushi in Japan. Our foods are mostly starch based and mostly spicy. Even the bland meals are accompanied with some form of spicy sauce or soup. Sex is one of life’s basic functions which aside increases human population can be pleasurable and invoke deep emotional attachment between two people. When not done right its can really cause a whole lot of issues in a relationship. There are different types of sex positions just as there are different types of Ghanaian dishes. Some sex positions are hard to do and some Ghanaian dishes require also skill to prepare. Badly cooked meals can lead to frustrations amongst some people whose gateway to their hearts is through their stomach just as bad sex can lead to tension and problems in a relationship.

MUST WATCH: Gidi Up Season 2 Episode 4&5 (MovieReview)

Obi finally gets to meet his knightress in shining amour. Is this the sort of game he wants to play? Its yet another display of good filming techniques. Tokumbo gets a surprise visitor who looks so much like Yvonne that it got me backtracking to make sure I had the right person in focus. Emeka and Sharon are having their little love fights and signs just tell me he is just getting tired of Daddy's little girl and her antics. I did find some scenes dragging on a bit and some a bit too predictable. It would be good to see more African print costumes and print accessories on the cast.

Things are so much different now. Men don’t want to use the word ‘date’ when he meets a girl he likes, choosing more to be in the hanging out zone than anything. Words such as 'we are talking' or 'I am seeing this person' are very common nowadays. No definition of sorts. Why can’t men simply ask a woman to be his girlfriend or just simply say, ‘I like you, would you be my girlfriend?’ These simple words seem to elude many young men out there and rather confuse a woman with visits to her home, chatting with her brothers and mother,  hanging around her in public places and acting like he’s her boyfriend and expects her to assume that he is. This is the same guy who when his friends’ asks who she is says, ‘She bi my paddie’ or ‘we dey.’ what does that mean anyway? Such a person isn’t ready for anything serious. 

Launch of YALI Regional Leadership Centers in Africa.

The MasterCard Foundation today announced a $10million commitment and support towards The Obama administration's initiative Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). YALI was birthed in 2010 to support young African leaders as they work hard to spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa. This commitment is being made over the next 5 years to help YALI reach nearly 10,000 young men and women in Africa. Exciting news!